Presses Universitaires de Louvain - Ciaco

  • The crisis faced by the European project today is above all a crisis of meaning. After the disappearance of the narratives about peace and prosperity, the reason for Europe is now the one given by millions of Europeans. Together we must therefore explore a Europe whose institutions are a means but not an end, remain open to discovery, attentive to stories and critical of common ideas.

    This six-month journey is dotted with eleven stops, eleven letters from eleven cities in nine European countries, from Russia to Sweden, Portugal to Bulgaria. They give rise to eleven debates on major issues such as defence, youth, the wounds of the past and solidarity, all of which are explored via the stories of dozens of Europeans met along the way.

  • Si le projet européen traverse aujourd'hui une crise, c'est avant tout celle du sens. Après l´épuisement du discours sur la paix et de celui sur la prospérité, la raison de l´Europe, c´est celle qui pourra lui être donnée par les millions d´Européens.