Entreprise, économie & droit

  • La crise economique et financiere de 2008-2009 - l'entree dans le 21e siecle ?

    Vincent Dujardin

  • Puissances emergentes et securite internationale : une nouvelle donne ? - une perspective pluridisci

    Deschaux-Dutard D.

  • Labour law reforms in eastern and western europe

    Davulis Tomas

  • Cheese manufacturing in the twentieth century - the italian experience in an international context

    D'Errico R M M.

  • Microfinance - battling a wicked problem

    Arvind Ashta

  • Globalization, violence and security - local impacts of regional integration

    Espinosa Shirlita

  • Travaux interdisciplinaires et plurilingues - t31 - le serment / der eid - de l'age du prince a l'er


  • The eu internal market in comparative perspective - economic, political and legal analyses

    Pelkmans Jacques

  • Economic crisis and new nationalisms - german political economy as perceived by european partners

    Varsori Antonio

  • Beyond the systemic crisis and capital-led chaos - theoretical and applied studies

    Rémy Herrera

  • Citizenship and solidarity in the european union - from the charter of fundamental rights to the cri

    Silveira Alessandra

  • European business and brand building

    Segreto Luciano

  • Sensitive trade - the perspective of european states

    Quentin Michel

  • The external dimension of the european union's area of freedom, security and justice

    Cremona Marise

  • Innovation networks and clusters - the knowledge backbone

    Blandine Laperche

  • Anglais The worth of the social economy ; an international perspective


  • Competition law challenges in the next decade

    Oliveira Pais Sofia

  • Diversidad religiosa, integracion social y acomodos - un analisis desde la realidad local en el caso

    Morondo Taramundi D.

  • Activation policies for the unemployed, the right to work and the duty to work

    Dermine Elise

  • Travail et societe / work and society - t85 - les defis de la diversite culturelle dans le monde du

    Le Moing/Ouaked

  • Le groupe empain en france - une saga industrielle et familiale

    Suzor Caroline

  • Leon walras - un siecle apres (1910-2010)

    Arnaud Diemer

  • L'europe par l'economie?

    Sylvain Schirmann

  • L'innovation