• À quatorze ans, Judith se retrouve seule dans un pensionnat anglais tandis que ses parents vont vivre à l'autre bout du monde. Heureusement, elle trouve du réconfort auprès de son amie Loveday et des membres de sa famille, passant les plus belles heures de son adolescence dans leur merveilleux domaine en Cornouailles. Mais la Seconde Guerre mondiale va bientôt la séparer une nouvelle fois de ceux qu'elle aime...

  • Les pêcheurs de coquillages est un tableau de Lawrence Stern, peintre victorien, dont a hérité sa fille, Pénélope Keeling.
    Bientôt l'oeuvre, dont la cote ne cesse de monter, va susciter la convoitise de certains de ses proches. Témoin des affrontements qui opposent Olivia, Nancy et Noël, Pénélope découvre le vrai visage de ses trois enfants. Ce regain d'intérêt pour le tableau provoque aussi chez elle un retour sur son passé : sa jeunesse bohème, sa rencontre avec Ambroise, son futur mari, puis avec Richard... La vie de la digne vieille femme révèle alors des secrets insoupçonnés.

  • Septembre est traditionnellement, en Écosse, un mois de festivités : la ville de Strathcoy n'échappe pas à la règle. Les Steynton ont convié tous les habitants pour fêter les vingt et un ans de leur fille, Katy. Les deux grandes familles de la ville, les

  • Les héroïnes des trois romans écossais réunis ici voient leurs vies bouleversées par de terribles révélations : Flora apprend qu'elle a une soeur jumelle peu recommandable ; Victoria que son amour de jeunesse avait un enfant ; et Jane que sa famille lui a caché bien des secrets. En venant dans les Highlands pour tenter d'éclaircir leur passé douloureux, ces jeunes femmes, au contact de la nature sauvage et de personnes authentiques, trouveront un immense réconfort. Et découvriront aussi que l'amour n'est pas toujours là où on l'attend...

  • Through thick mist and a cold east wind, Lavinia returns to Scotland. Up at the big house Mrs Farquhar is dying. Seeing Lachlan again,. Lavinia remembers her childhood holidays there: swimming in the loch, the picnics, bottle-feeding the lambs down at the farm and the evenings when they danced reels. Most of all, she remembers Mrs Farquhar's grandson Rory. In the house, as the old lady lies serene and beautiful in the bed she has slept in since coming home to Lachlan as a bride, Lavinia meets Rory once again. Flowers in the Rain is one of sixteen stories, each giving another magical glimpse into Rosamunde Pilcher's world. The world in which most prefer to live all the time.

  • The big bedroom was lovely: all pale, blue and white, satin and muslin, cool and airy, the windows looking out over the garden to the creek. But to fourteen-year-old Emily, beautiful though it was, it was all wrong. Her stepmother's bedroom now: everything changed since her own mother had died. And stretched out on the bed: Stephanie, very white and pained. The new baby on its way, a month early. All of a sudden, with her father away on business, Emily had to take charge, keep calm, ring for the doctor and the ambulance. The time for looking back had gone. The Blue Bedroom is just one of Rosamunde Pilcher's magical collection of stories. Stories that will enchant everyone who has read and loved The Shell Seekers.

  • Sitting on a California beach at summer's end, Jane Marsh thinks back to her childhood at the estate called Elvie in a remote corner of Scotland. She remembers not only the heather-covered hills and the lonesome loch, but her grandmother . . . and, of course, Sinclair. She has secretly dreamed of marrying rakishly handsome Sinclair and settling at Elvie forever. Then an urgent visit from her grandmother's lawyer becomes the catalyst for her return to Scotland . . . Where waiting for her is passion, not gentle love, and the chilling realisation that she may be ready to wed the wrong man.

  • Victoria Bradshaw fell in love with London playwright Oliver Dobbs when she was just eighteen. But he left her and disappeared from her life. Now, years later, he is a widower standing on her doorstep with his two-year-old son in his arms. And Victoria is foolish enough to want to take him back. Their early spring journey to a castle in Scotland becomes an odyssey of emotional discovery...can they rekindle their love in the tranquil beauty of the countryside, or will Oliver's career dictate another course?

  • Emma Litton can't get on with her life until she finds out just what place she has in her father's heart. She'd been at school in Europe since she was fourteen, then found a job in Paris, always wondering what her famous artist father was doing in Japan or America or at their cottage in Cornwall. Even after she meets Robert Morrow, the handsome gallery owner, and rediscovers her step-brother, Christo, she still feels compelled to probe into the truth about her past. But Emma might learn too late that it is the truth about herself she has to find and that letting go is the first step to keeping love.

  • At her dying mother's bedside, Rebecca Bayliss is shattered to learn of a family she never knew existed. Determined to find them, Rebecca journeys to Boscarva, a beautiful mansion in Cornwall, to meet a family torn by passion and greed. From her grandfather Grenville Bayliss, who is hiding an explosive secret, to a handsome cousin, whose kisses are dangerously seductive . . . to sensual craftsman Joss Gardner, whose past hints of intrigue, Rebecca becomes entangled in a family mystery . . . and unravelling it holds the key to her future and her heart.

  • Selina Bruce has impulsively left behind her lawyer fiance in London and flown alone to a tiny island off the Spanish coast. She is searching for the father she has never known, but what she finds is an unexpected truth about herself and the man she plans to marry. For exotic San Antonio offers Selina more than the penetrating brilliance of the noonday sun. It offers the mysterious George Dyer, who holds the key not only to her past ...but to her heart.

  • As spring comes to Scotland and the hills burst into life, a dance is planned for September. The invitations summon home the group of people Violet Aird has cared for most in her long life.

    The oldest, strongest and wisest of them all, she sees Alexa, her vulnerable granddaughter, find love for the first time, while the decision to send her little grandson away to school is driving parents Edmund and Virginia even further apart. Far from them all is Pandora, the glamorous, exciting girl who ran away twenty years before. All will converge on Scotland this September, bringing their stories with them.

  • Born in Colombo, Judith Dunbar spends her teenage years at boarding school, while her beloved mother and younger sister live abroad with her father.

    When her new friend Loveday Carey-Lewis invites Judith home for the weekend to Nancherrow, the Carey-Lewises' beautiful estate on the Cornish coast, it is love at first sight.

    She falls in love too with the generous Carey-Lewises themselves. With their generosity and kindness, Judith grows from naive girl to confident young woman, basking in the warm affection of a surrogate family whose flame burns brightly. But it is a flame soon to be extinguished in the gathering storm of war. And Judith herself has far to travel before at last . . . coming home.

  • Artist's daughter Penelope Keeling can look back on a full and varied life: a Bohemian childhood in London and Cornwall, an unhappy wartime marriage, and the one man she truly loved. She has brought up three children - and learned to accept them as they are.

    Yet she is far too energetic and independent to settle sweetly into pensioned-off old-age. And when she discovers that her most treasured possession, her father's painting, The Shell Seekers, is now worth a small fortune, it is Penelope who must make the decisions that will determine whether her family can continue to survive as a family, or be split apart.

  • When she leaves London for the pretty Hampshire village that she describes as 'my geriatric bolt-hole', Elfrida Phipps quickly feels at home. She has a tiny cottage, her faithful dog Horace and the friendship of the neighbouring Blundells - particularly Oscar - to ensure that her days include companionship as well as independence.
    But an unforeseen tragedy upsets Elfrida's tranquillity. She takes refuge in a rambling house in Scotland, which becomes a magnet for various waifs and strays. It sounds a recipe for disaster. But somehow the group becomes greater than the sum of its ill-assorted parts and Elfrida finds herself at the centre of a very magical Christmas.
    Rosamunde Pilcher's many fans will be enchanted by this novel. Set mainly in Scotland, it charts the healing power of love on the troubled human spirit and glows with Mrs Pilcher's trademark warmth, humour and humanity.

  • Virginia Keile has a secret dream. To have a second chance at loving the tall, handsome Cornish farmer she met - and foolishly lost - the heady summer she was a debutante. Life has taught Virginia a great deal in twenty-seven years - about wedding a titled bachelor picked out by her mother, about a lonely marriage that ended in her husband's accidental death, and about nearly losing her children to her husband's mother and bossy Nanny. Now she has come back to picturesque Cornwall to rent a battered seaside cottage. For herself and for the children. And to discover if this time she can fill an empty house with love.

  • Un jour ou l'autre nous serons tous confrontés à un tournant décisif dans notre existence.
    Ainsi Antonia, lorsqu'elle se réfugie chez ses parents pour oublier un amour contrarié. Lavinia qui, retrouvant le village écossais de son enfance, croise le garçon dont elle était jadis amoureuse... Ou encore comme Emily qui, à la mort de sa mère adorée, va devoir s'habituer à la présence d'une nouvelle femme dans la vie de son père...
    "Le bonheur, quoi !" Marie-Claire Pauwels - "Madame Figaro"

  • Caroline est sur le point de se marier. Les noces, qui s'annoncent grandioses, au coeur de Londres, doivent avoir lieu la semaine suivante.
    Stressée par les préparatifs, inquiète de ce qui l'attend, la jeune femme est totalement perdue. Alors, à quelques jours de la cérémonie, son jeune frère l'entraîne, à l'insu de leur entourage, dans un voyage en Écosse, à la recherche de leur aîné qui séjourne dans la région. Tandis que les kilomètres défilent à travers la grisaille et un froid de plus en plus intense, cette fugue tourne bientôt à la folle aventure...

  • Prue is intelligent, artistic, independent - and bored. Pressurised by her mother to make a conventional and dull marriage, she is delighted to escape London and seek retreat with her eccentric and bohemian aunt in Cornwall. A chance encounter with an attractive young artist on the sea shore leads to day after idyllic summer's day of exploring the Cornish countryside and coast. But there is something troubling Daniel and Prue, now deeply entangled, feels compelled to discover what it is...

  • Laura, newly married and ever conscious she may be living in the shadow of her husband Alec's first wife, decides to take a holiday with his family in Cornwall. Through the long hot summer days she is slowly charmed by the beautiful old house and the people she learns to know and love. In time her uneasy spirit is soothed by the sparkling, brilliant sea, and her restless heart finally calmed.

    But is this new-found tranquillity too good to be true? For with the arrival of an anonymous letter, one accusing her of having an affair, Laura's world is thrown into turmoil . . .

  • Alors qu'Emma peut enfin retrouver librement son amour d'enfance, elle est étrangement troublée par un autre homme. De son côté, Virginia s'apprête à faire un mariage de raison, jusqu'à ce que de nouvelles rencontres bouleversent ses projets. Laura, pleine de doutes sur son couple, ne sait plus que penser alors que les incidents se multiplient autour d'elle.
    Trois histoires, trois jeunes femmes qui, venant se reposer au bord de la mer, vont puiser au sein la beauté sauvage des Cornouailles le courage de reprendre leurs vies en main.