• « Exotique et mystérieux. Je me suis laissé captiver par cette histoire complexe. » Dinah Jefferies
    « Extraordinairement bien écrit... Impossible de le refermer. Et inoubliable. » Iona Grey
    Deux grandes histoires d'amour. Une trahison bouleversante. Une guerre qui change tout.

    Singapour, 1897

    À vingt ans, Harriet et Mae Grafton sont des jumelles nées d'une liaison scandaleuse. Alors qu'elles sont rejetées par la bonne société, elles ne peuvent que compter l'une sur l'autre.
    Mais lorsque leur riche bienfaiteur les envoie à Singapour, elles font la connaissance du mystérieux Alex Blake, et leur relation se détériore, ce qui aura des conséquences dévastatrices...

    Singapour, 1941

    Petite-fille de Mae, Ivy Harcourt travaille à Londres et est affectée à Singapour, alors sous la menace d'une invasion japonaise.
    Même si Ivy redoute de vivre sur cette île qui lui est totalement étrangère, elle n'est pas du tout préparée à ce qui l'y attend : des inconnus surgissant du passé de sa grand-mère, une histoire d'amour inattendue et un secret qui n'attend que d'être découvert...

    Une île en Orient est le livre idéal pour les fans de Dinah Jefferies et Victoria Hislop.
    Saisissant, authentique et absolument magnifique, Une île en Orient est suggestif et évocateur, ce qui se fait de mieux en fiction historique.
    « Suggestif, captivant... une lecture riche et convaincante. » Gill Paul
    « Une histoire d'amour émouvante et poignante, à l'atmosphère envoûtante. Je sentais presque la sueur sur ma peau. » Rachel Rhys
    « Magnifiquement écrit... une histoire d'amour touchante. » Tracy Rees
    « Il est impossible de refermer ce livre avant de l'avoir fini. » Kate Riordan
    « Parmi les thèmes de ce roman épique, citons l'amour, la rivalité entre deux soeurs et la trahison. » My Weekly
    « Sublime ! Tout ce que devrait être la fiction historique. » Nicola Cornick
    « Extrêmement captivant... Évasion garantie, avec une plume magnifique. » Emma Rous
    « Évocateur, luxuriant et joliment écrit, Une île en Orient est une lecture captivante. » Nikola Scott

  • 'From the exciting beginning to a nail-biting conclusion, with the scent of market stalls and the salt from the sea running through it, I was gripped by this complex tale. Exotic. Mysterious. Beneath a Burning Sky is an absorbing, satisfying read.' Dinah Jefferies, author of number one bestselling The Tea Planter's WifeA beautiful and heart-wrenching story of love and betrayal, set against a backdrop of British-occupied Egypt. Perfect for fans of Victoria Hislop, Dinah Jefferies and Fiona McIntosh. When twenty-two-year-old Olivia is coerced into marriage by the cruel Alistair Sheldon she leaves England for Egypt, his home and the land of her own childhood. Reluctant as she is to go with Alistair, it's in her new home that she finds happiness in surprising places: she is reunited with her long-estranged sister, Clara, and falls - impossibly and illicitly - in love with her husband's boarder, Captain Edward Bertram. Then Clara is abducted from one of the busiest streets in the city. Olivia is told it's thieves after ransom money, but she's convinced there's more to it. As she sets out to discover what's happened to the sister she's only just begun to know, she falls deeper into the shadowy underworld of Alexandria, putting her own life, and her chance at a future with Edward, the only man she's ever loved, at risk. Because, determined as Olivia is to find Clara, there are others who will stop at nothing to conceal what's become of her . . .Beneath a Burning Sky is a novel of secrets, betrayal and, above all else, love. Set against the heat and intrigue of colonial Alexandria, this beautiful and heart-wrenching story will take your breath away.

  • ***THE INTERNATIONAL KINDLE BESTSELLER***'Island in the East is that rare thing: a dual narrative novel in which both strands of the story are as engaging and compelling as each other . . . it's impossible to put this book down.' Kate RiordanWith a sizzling love affair playing out against sisterly rivalry and epic family drama, Island in the East is the perfect read for fans of Victoria Hislop, Dinah Jefferies and Tracy Rees. **************Two great loves. One shattering betrayal. A war that changes everything.Singapore, 1897
    Twenty-year-old identical twins, Harriet and Mae, born from a scandalous affair, have spent their lives slighted by gossips. They've carried each other through the loneliness, believing that together they can survive anything. But then their mysterious benefactor sends them to Singapore to live with his relative, the watchful David Keeley, who will choose one of them to marry. In the tension of David's house, a distance opens up between the twins, but it is only when they meet the handsome Alex Blake that their relationship truly fractures, resulting in a life-shattering betrayal with devastating consequences . . . 1941
    Ivy, an intelligence officer with the women's naval service, is posted to wartime Singapore. Carrying her own ghosts from Blitz-torn London, she arrives to the looming threat of a Japanese invasion. Nothing can prepare her for what's waiting on the island - not the unexpected love, nor the strangers from her grandmother, Mae's, past, and the shocking secrets that now echo down through the generations.Vivid, authentic and utterly beautiful, Island in the East is evocative, atmospheric and romantic historical fiction at its very best.Praise for Jenny Ashcroft:'Beautifully described . . . A moving love story' Tracy Rees'Exotic and mysterious - I was gripped by this complex tale' Dinah Jefferies'A summer must-read' Red'This story of twists and turns transcends era and genre. Absolutely brilliant' Kerry Fisher'First-class writing, brilliant characters, fascinating locations and gripping plots' Tracy Buchanan'Exquisitely written . . . unputdownable and unforgettable' Iona Grey'A wonderful novel, full of mystery that kept me gripped until the end . . . Oh, whoever you are and whatever you like reading give this one a go. You won't regret it!' Rachel Burton