• """Un guide simple pour créer la vie de vos rêves
    Dans La clé pour vivre selon la Loi de l'Attraction , Jack Canfield partage avec vous ses connaissances et son expérience. Il vous présente des outils et des techniques éprouvées pour appliquer les principes de la Loi de l'Attraction dans votre propre vie.
    Cet ouvrage est un guide simple sur ""l'art"" de l'utilisation de la Loi de l'Attraction pour créer la vie que vous désirez. Dans ce programme, Jack Canfield explique clairement non seulement ce que vous devez savoir, mais aussi ce que vous devez faire pour attirer ce que vous voulez dans votre vie. La clé pour vivre selon la Loi de l'Attraction aborde les questions importantes sur la lucidité, le but et l'action. Cet audio inspirant vous conduira, étape par étape, à travers le processus de la définition de vos rêves, de vos objectifs et de vos désirs.
    En chemin, vous acquerrez une plus grande compréhension de vous-même - qui vous êtes vraiment et pourquoi vous êtes sur terre.
    Votre voyage commence ici, dès maintenant. Vous pouvez transformer votre vie, accroître votre conscience, et acquérir le pouvoir de créer un futur étonnant - un avenir rempli d'amour, de joie et d'abondance."""

  • There are many ways to define a woman' daughter, mother, wife, professional, friend, student. We are each special and unique, yet we share a common connection. What bonds all women are out mutual experiences of loving and learning; feeling the tenderness of love; forging lifelong friendships; pursuing a chosen career; giving birth to new live: juggling the responsibilities of job and family. The shining collection of stories from the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series is full of just such moments. You will find inspiration, joy and comfort in the special messages found in chapters on love, living your dreams, overcoming obstacles, marriage, motherhood, againg, bridging the generations, attitude and self esteem. Whether you are a career woman or a stay-at-home mother, a teenager or a senior citizen, a young woman just starting out or a woman of the world, this delightful book will be treasured for years to come.

  • These intimate, inspiring and true stories pay tribute to love's ability to endure beyond time, distance, difficulty, and even death. You will be touched and uplifted as you read about these couples who disclose the secrets of finding love and making it last. Each heartfelt story captures the defining moments of love from tender beginnings and deepening intimacy to overcome challenges and saying good-bye. Some stories will help you renew the passion in your relationship; others will help you appreciate how love has enabled you to grow; others will reassure you that although love challenges and blesses each of us in unique ways, you are never alone in your experience. These stories will leave and indelible imprint on your heart and inspire you to live a life filled with joy, hope and gratitude.

  • Anything is possible...if you dare to ask! Personal happiness. Creative fulfillment. Professional success. Freedom from fear--and a new promise of joy that's yours for the asking. We have the ability at our fingertips to achieve these things. It's the Aladdin Factor: the magical wellspring of confidence, desire--and the willingness to ask--that allows us to make wishes come true. Now bestselling motivational authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen introduce us to the Aladdin Factor--and help us put it into effect in our own lives. The Aladdin Factor helps us by pinpointing the major stumbling blocks to asking--and teaching simple techniques to overcome them. With inspirational stories about people who have succeeded by asking for what they want, this book shows us how to turn our lives around--no matter what kind of obstacles we face. And with this knowledge, we can reap the riches of a truly well-lived life--a treasure that comes not from an enchanted lamp, but from the heart.

  • Will you take the dare? Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen believe that life has much more to offer us...if we dare to reach for it. Dare To Win offers a plan for doing just that--by developing the kind of confidence and self-esteem that allows each of us to think like a winner. This simple program can work for anyone, no matter what their personal goals. Dare to conquer your fears and accept life's challenge. Dare to Win. In the authors' own words: Amazing results! That's what we all want in our lives. We might want more money. Or perhaps it's a more stimulating job we desire. Maybe it's true love, or a more gratifying sexual relationship. We might secretly dream of being in the movies, or of being president of a corporation, or even of entering politics. In our dreams we all aspire to greater things. Yet a great many of us simply aren't getting the results we want. We don't have enough money, romance, success or joy in our lives. We don't feel fulfilled or satisfied. In some very deep and personal way, we sense that we aren't living up to our full potential, that we aren't winners. Why? Why aren't we all what we want to be? Why don't we have all that we want? Why aren't we prosperous and blessed with the world's abundance? What's holding us back? Copyright 1994 Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

  • 106 histoires de toutes les régions du Québec qui touchent l'âme et réchauffent le coeur. Un recueil d'histoires vraies et inspirantes. Ecrites par des Québécois pour des Québécois. Présentant une vaste mosaïque de la vie dans cette belle province que les gens appellent leur chez-soi.

  • Que mettez-vous dans votre vie pour la rendre savoureuse ? De la passion en grande quantité, une généreuse portion de persévérance, une pincée de sagesse ? Qu'elle soit pimentée, trépidante ou... paisible, la vie repose sur un certain équilibre. C'est justement le propos de 7 ingrédients essentiels pour une vie équilibrée pour la femme.

    Un recueil de quarante histoires, émaillées de leçons de vie qui sont des outils efficaces pour reprendre confiance en soir, atténuer la douleur de certaines situations ou tout simplement pour vivre pleinement sa vie. Qu'il s'agisse de conseils pratiques pour poursuivre ses espoirs et ses rêves, d'astuces pour concilier les priorités ou de recommandations pour se dorloter sans culpabilité, chaque lectrice puisera dans cet ouvrage les ingrédients dont elle a besoin pour goûter à la vie et s'épanouir.

    Chacune de ces histoires vous incitera à rendre chaque journée - chaque minute - plus épanouissante.

    Un peu, beaucoup, passionnément...

  • Connaissez-vous la principale raison qui empêche les gens d'obtenir ce qu'ils veulent?
    Dix ans plus tard, c'est toujours LE MANQUE DE FOCUS. Vous trouverez dans ces pages les stratégies de focus particulières utilisées par les hommes et femmes les plus prospères de la terre. Peu importe ce que vous désirez, La force du focus vous aidera à l'obtenir.

    Dans cette édition, vous apprendrez :
    - comment survivre dans une économie turbulente;
    - des stratégies financières éprouvées pour le monde d'aujourd'hui, qui vous procureront liberté et tranquillité d'esprit;
    - comment focaliser sur ce que vous faites le mieux et lâcher prise sur le reste;
    - des Plans d'action faciles à adopter dans chaque chapitre.

    De plus, les auteurs partagent leurs dernières astuces pour vous aider à prospérer dans tous les secteurs de votre vie. Votre capacité de focaliser DETERM INERA votre avenir - commencez dès maintenant!

    100 pages de nouveau contenu mis à jour!

  • Daughters, mothers, wives and grandmothers alike will treasure this heart-warming collection of short stories and find comfort in the advice they offer. Women are united in their mutual experiences of loving; giving birth to new life; pursuing a chosen career and juggling the responsibilities of their professional and family lives. These inspirational stories are full of such moments. Infused with courage, hope and wisdom, they offer guidance, sustenance and advice to women facing tough times and provide true nourishment for the soul. With stories from women such as Mother Teresa and Diana, Princess of Wales who have inspired generations, this collection is guaranteed to delight women around the world.

  • Chicken Soup for the New Mother's Soul is a collection of stories from the hearts of mothers, old and new, about the most amazing and profound experience in a woman's life - the birth of her first child. It's a time of fear, excitement and exhilaration when new mothers experience unique love, unforgettable moments and the unbreakable bond between mother and child. In Chicken Soup for the New Mother's Soul you can share in these heartwarming tales of motherhood.

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul is a heartwarming collection of tales that will inspire you to live your dreams. The stories demonstrate the best qualities we share as human beings: compassion, grace, forgiveness, generosity and faith and they share a collected wisdom on love, parenting, teaching, death and the overcoming of obstacles.

    The Chicken Soup series has touched the lives of millions of people worldwide. Discover how your life could be turned around too.

  • Whether you're a veteran grandmother or a Granny-to-be, this collection of stories will warm your heart and make you laugh about the universal experiences of being a grandmother.

    This book celebrates the memories we make and the times we cherish with grandmothers: the women who can both spoil and be stern; who provide unconditional love and invaluable wisdom; who can share sage advice while sharing an ice cream.

    Chicken Soup for the Grandmother's Soul is the perfect thank-you to grandmothers everywhere - those special women who enrich our lives with joy and love.

  • Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul is your handbook for surviving and succeeding during the exciting teen years with both your sanity and sense of humour intact. It contains invaluable lessons on the nature of friendship and love, the importance of belief in the future and the value of respect for yourself and others. It also deals with tough issues like death, suicide and the loss of love. You'll relate to and learn from the inspirational stories, without feeling criticised or judged. Like a good friend, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul will be there for you when you need someone and cheer you up when you're down.

  • These heartening short stories celebrate the defining moments of motherhood - from birth to letting go as your children leave the family home. Stories of courage, sacrifice, laughter and love will make you laugh and cry and will appeal to mothers of all ages - from the mother-to-be to the revered grandmother.

  • There are many ways to define a woman: daughter, mother, wife, professional, friend, student. We are each special and unique, yet we share a common connection. What bonds all women are our mutual experiences of loving and learning, feeling the tenderness of love, forging lifelong friendships, pursuing a chosen career, giving birth to new life and juggling the responsibilities of job and family. This shining collection of short stories from the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series is full of just such moments. You will find inspiration, joy and comfort in the special messages found in chapters on love, living your dreams, overcoming obstacles, marriage, motherhood, ageing, bridging the generations, and self esteem.

  • Overwhelmed by the success of their first book, and inundated by stories from members of the public, the authors decided to produce a second helping of this publishing phenomenon. Never losing sight of their audience, they produced a book that, once again, tugged the heartstrings and guaranteed an emotional response to others' heart-warming tales.

  • 'If you liked James Herriot's books, you'll love CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE PET LOVER'S SOUL. ' James Wight - veterinarian and son of James Herriot. Do you talk to your pets like they're people? Do you sign birthday cards from the family but include the cat? Do you look forward to the welcome home you get from your pet dog and does it make your day? Well, for anyone who has ever been touched by their love for an animal, this is the book for you.

  • Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul is a place to turn for all those kids who want answers and encouragement and help to realise that dreams can really come true.Sometimes life is a total blast, from scoring a winning goal to hanging out with your friends. Yet other times, life is too complicated: You seem to see violence everywhere you turn, more parents are getting divorced, your best friend moves away, or you feel like you don't fit in. Never has there been a time in history when kids have needed Chicken Soup for their souls more than now. With funny stories about friendship and family, and serious stories about heroic kids and difficult choices, this book is designed to encourage you to love and accept yourself; to let you know that there are answers to your questions; and to give you hope for the future

  • 101 more heart-warming stories to inspire and motivate you to love unconditionally; live more passionately and pursue your heartfelt dreams with more conviction.The 3rd Helping of Chicken Soup will sustain you in times of challenge, frustration and failure, and comfort you in times of confusion, pain and loss. The stories within offer a potent possibility to transform your life. They can awaken you from you habitual day-to-day life: inviting you to dream and inspiring you to do more, and be more, than you might have ever thought possible.

  • The bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series has inspired and brought comfort and guidance to over 85 million readers worldwide. Now, creators Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen have teamed up with the internationally acclaimed women's expert Stephanie Marston to take the series to a new level.

    Combining heartwarming stories with practical tools and exercises for creating balance, love, health and happiness in their lives, Life Lessons for Women will show women of all ages how they can achieve the life they aspire to. These uplifting and touching accounts reveal that women are not alone in the troubles and anxieties they face, whilst the practical advice and information offered reminds them to take a step back from life's everyday pressures and stresses, connect with themselves, balance their needs and responsibilities, and thereby achieve lasting happiness and fulfilment.

    Includes guidance on:

    - taking chances - building relationships - recognising your strengths - pampering yourself without guilt And much more!

  • The No1 problem that stops people getting what they want is lack of focus. Those that focus on what they want to achieve prosper, while those that don't struggle. In The Power of Focus, you'll discover the specific focusing strategies used by the world's most successful men and women. In this new, updated edition, you'll find out how to:

    - Focus on your strengths and eliminate everything that is holding you back - Change bad habits into habits that will make you debt-free and wealthy - Create an excellent balance between work and family life - without guilt!

    Your ability to focus will determine your future, so start now!

  • Rempli d'exercices, de leçons, d'histoires vraies et d'ingrédients-clés, cet ouvrage vous révélera comment maîtriser les principes fondamentaux de cette loi, par exemple :
    - visualiser les moments déterminants de sa vie; - créer de l'espace pour engendrer la prospérité; - agir «comme si»; - faire confiance à son intuition; - transformer ses pensées; - manifester sa gratitude; - changer l'impossible en possible.

    Pendant des millénaires, des gens ont utilisé ces techniques pour attirer l'objet de leurs désirs, et maintenant vous aussi serez capable de créer la vie de vos rêves.