• Tout pouvoir est donné à l'homme, qui se connecte à cette intelligence infinie qu'on peut appeler Dieu, de réaliser son ciel sur la terre : voilà le but du Jeu de la vie. Cet ouvrage se fonde sur cette capacité qu'a l'homme de transformer tout malheur par la parole en étant au plus proche des sources de la vie. À de nombreuses situations de notre quotidien (santé, amour, argent, voyages...), il y a des affirmations spirituelles positives à prononcer pour transformer les échecs apparents en succès réels. Proposant quantité d'exemples et de conseils de formulation, ce livre qui réunit pour la première fois Le Jeu de la vie et Votre parole est une baguette magique permet de choisir l'affirmation juste qui s'adapte le mieux à nos besoins, et de soumettre ce que nous désirons à son action positive.

  • A Door Separates You from Success-Here Is the Key That Opens It. Florence Scovel Shinn, the beloved author of The Game of Life and How to Play It, left the world one final, brilliant book written in 1940: The Secret Door to Success. In simple, practical terms, Shinn shows you exactly how to remove the barriers that keep you from love, money, purpose, and personal power. Now abridged to its essentials and introduced by PEN Award-winning historian and New Thought writer Mitch Horowitz, this special Condensed Classics edition of The Secret Door to Success gives you, in less than one hour, the tools to start living your highest life today.

  • Are you ready to embrace universal law and live a natural life? If there is one overall message to this book, it is that we must avoid being overwhelmed by life, to realise that there is something larger than us which is willing to shoulder the burdens. If we can live by faith instead of fear, we have found the secret door to success that she speaks of. Scovel Shinn devoted her life to helping people recognize the link between their attitudes and their level of happiness. A relaxed state of expectancy, she taught, is the best mindset for bringing success into your life. Sometimes, intensity of desire can actually turn away any good fortune because it suggests faith only in yourself and not in the higher power which has created you. Scovel Shinn describes prayer as telephoning to God, intuition, she says, is God telephoning you. She also says for example Your big opportunity and big success usually slide in, when you least expect it. You have to let go long enough for the great law of attraction to operate. You never saw a worried and anxious magnet. It stands up straight and hasn't a care in the world, because it knows needles can't help jumping to it. The things we rightly desire come to pass when we have taken the clutch off. We are so used to our daily life habits and patterns that we can find ourselves in ruts; we cease to be aware of the opportunities that arise through being fully present in the moment, and we stop expecting great things. By listening to and understanding this audio book you can and will change your outlook and life success.

  • On demande toujours à quelqu'un qui réussit quel est son secret. À l'inverse, on ne demande jamais quel est son secret à quelqu'un qui a subi un échec. C'est assez facile à voir et sans intérêt. Les gens veulent tous découvrir la clé de la porte secrète du succès. Le succès existe pour chaque individu, mais il semble dissimulé derrière une porte ou un mur.  Si vous échouez et que vous n'appréciez pas le succès de quelqu'un d'autre, vous compromettez votre propre succès. Avec son livre classique, LE JEU DE LA VIE ET COMMENT LE JOUER, Florence Scovel Shinn s'est imposée comme l'une des auteures les plus terre-à-terre, pratiques et utiles de son époque.  Avec son message intemporel et sa capacité d'expliquer les principes de réussites et de leurs fonctionnements, ses écrits sont considérés comme les leaders de la littérature sur la prospérité aujourd'hui.

  • The classic self-help guide, full of timeless wisdom Florence Scovel Shinn's The Game of Life and How to Play It first appeared in bookstores in 1925 and is now considered a classic in the self-help genre. The author's insights into achieving meaning, happiness and success are just as relevant and effective today as they were nearly a century ago, hence its reissue as part of the exciting Capstone Classics line. This collectible, hard-back edition of The Game of Life and How to Play It includes an insightful introduction by series editor and self-help expert Tom Butler-Bowdon. Tom is an authority on classic self-help texts and adroitly connects the content of this book with the concerns of modern readers. Enjoy the colourful anecdotes of 1920s New York that have made Scovel Shinn's book a cult classic Discover the original "life hacks" for advancing in every area of your life, from health to wealth to love Succeed by attuning yourself with the unchanging principles that govern the universe With the release of this Capstone Classics edition, we finally have an authoritative, collectible version of The Game of Life and How to Play It. Find out why The Game of Life and How to Play It is one of the defining self-help guides of the 20th century.

  • Within You Is an Awesome Power Ready to Fulfill Your Wishes @16@@16@This compact edition of Florence Scovel Shinn's classic The Game of Life and How to Play It reveals the true you. Your words and thought images are a metaphysical power which, combined with your natural intuitive insights, can bring you prosperity, love, health, and every good thing in life. In about forty minutes you will discover: @16@@4@@6@How to receive hunches and intuitions from your higher mind.@7@@6@How to use affirmations for maximum results.@7@@6@Why you must be supremely careful in your choice of words.@7@@6@How to dissolve troubles by casting them on the "Christ within."@7@@6@How to discover the Divine Design of your life. @7@@5@Abridged and introduced by PEN Award-winning historian Mitch Horowitz, this condensation of the beloved metaphysical classic can, in under an hour, set you on a dramatic and thrilling new direction in life. @16@