• Wuhan, ville close ; journal

    Fang Fang

    • Stock
    • 9 Septembre 2020

    Du début de la pandémie de Covid-19 qui a bouleversé le monde, nous ne savons rien. En janvier 2020, pour la première fois dans l'histoire, une ville de plus de dix millions d'habitants est mise en quarantaine.
    Enfermée dans son appartement, l'écrivaine Fang Fang tient son journal en ligne. Jour après jour, suivie par des millions de lecteurs, elle retrace l'histoire d'une catastrophe, depuis le chaos glaçant des premières semaines jusqu'à l'enrayement de l'épidémie.
    Fang Fang raconte la mort et la peur, la solidarité des habitants, le silence des responsables, le courage des lanceurs d'alerte, la débrouille et les petites joies, les plaisanteries et la colère qui circulent, le printemps qui vient dans une ville qu'elle aime. Alors qu'il se heurte à la censure et à de violentes attaques, ce témoignage unique nous rappelle nos premiers devoirs dans les heures sombres : l'indépendance d'esprit et l'humanité.
    Traduit du chinois par Frédéric Dalléas et Geneviève Imbot-Bichet

  • Coffee

    Yi-Fang Chu

    Coffee: Emerging Health Benefits and Disease Prevention presents a comprehensive overview of the recent scientific advances in the field. The book focuses on the following topics: coffee constituents; pro- and antioxidant properties of coffee constituents; bioavailability of coffee constituents; health benefits and disease prevention effects of coffee; and potential negative impacts on health.Multiple chapters describe coffee's positive impact on health and various diseases: type 2 diabetes; neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's and Alzheimer's); cancer (prostate, bladder, pancreatic, breast, ovarian, colon and colorectal); cardiovascular health; and liver health. Coffee's positive effects on mood, suicide rate and cognitive performance are addressed as are the negative health impacts of coffee on pregnancy, insulin sensitivity, dehydration, gastric irritation, anxiety, and withdrawal syndrome issues.Written by many of the top researchers in the world, Coffee: Emerging Health Benefits and Disease Prevention is a must-have reference for food professionals in academia, industry, and governmental and regulatory agencies whose work involves coffee.

  • This book aims to investigate emerging power quality and stability problems as well as their solutions in more-electronics power systems. The majority of methods presented here are validated through simulation and/or experimental results, thereby improving their credibility. The ultimate objective of these methods is to achieve secured operation of modern power systems with increased (up to 100%) renewable energy penetration, which is an emerging topic in this field. Readers will not only learn about the knowledge of more-electronics power systems but also the step-by-step process of how they can implement this to their research work or industrial practice.  This book caters to engineers and academics working in the field of power systems with the main focus of improving power quality and stability. 

  • China's Political System

    Ning Fang

    • Springer
    • 30 Septembre 2020

    This book includes collective research by the Institute of Political Science of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, which is an important research institution of political science and a think-tank in China. The book was completed by the expert team of "China's Political System" headed by Director Fang Ning for several years and after several changes in their manuscripts.
    This book covers the core political systems of China, such as the leadership system of the Communist Party of China, the decision-making system of the Party and government in Chinese politics, the system of the people's congress, the relationship between the central and local authorities, the system of officials training and selection, the system of discipline inspection and supervision, the system of consultative democracy and the system of community-level self-governance, etc.
    This book aims to build a new paradigm of empirical research and introduction of the contemporary Chinese political system by using the description and research method of materialization and dynamics of the political system.

  • Environmental Footprints

    Kai Fang

    • Springer
    • 19 Octobre 2020

    This book focuses on environmental footprints that have attracted considerable interest and discussion within academia, policy makers and the public as a tool to assess anthropogenic effects on the environment. It begins with an overview which provides a starting point for understanding the concept of environmental footprints. On the basis of a thorough investigation into the theoretical and methodological aspects of selected environmental footprints that have been widely adopted, a unified framework for structuring, categorizing and integrating various footprint indicators is established. Furthermore, the book brings clarity to the relationship between footprint analysis and life cycle assessment, and challenges the isolation of environmental footprints and planetary boundaries. The findings provide novel insights into the development of environmental footprints for environmental impact assessment and environmental sustainability assessment.

  • This book provides state-of-the-art reviews, current research, prospects and challenges of the production of biofuels and chemicals such as furanic biofuels, biodiesel, carboxylic acids, polyols and others from lignocellulosic biomass, furfurals, syngas and ?-valerolactone with bifunctional catalysts, including catalytic, and combined biological and chemical catalysis processes. The bifunctionality of catalytic materials is a concept of not only using multifunctional solid materials as activators, but also design of materials in such a way that the catalytic materials have synergistic characteristics that promote a cascade of transformations with performance beyond that of mixed mono-functional catalysts. This book is a reference designed for researchers, academicians and industrialists in the area of catalysis, energy, chemical engineering and biomass conversion. Readers will find the wealth of information contained in chapters both useful and essential, for assessing the production and application of various biofuels and chemicals by chemical catalysis and biological techniques.

  • This book presents cutting-edge theories, techniques, and methodologies in the multidisciplinary field of high-speed railways, sharing the revealing insights of elite scholars from China, the UK and Japan. It demonstrates the achievements that have been made regarding high-speed rail technologies in China from all aspects, while also providing a macro-level comparative study of related technologies in different countries. The book offers a valuable resource for researchers, engineers, industrial practitioners, graduate students, and professionals in the fields of Vehicles, Traction Power Supplies, Materials, and Infrastructure.

  • This book provides a candid assessment and practical knowledge about the current technological advancements of the wireless healthcare system. This book presents the competencies of modeling e-health framework, medical wireless body sensor networks, communication technologies for mobile health, nanotechnology innovations in medicine, security issues for medical records, personalized services in healthcare applications, and Big Data for wireless health. 
    This book covers multiple research perspectives in order to address the strong need for interdisciplinary research in the area of wireless health, such as the interactive research among biomedical sensor technology, intelligent textiles and advanced wireless network technology. The interactions involve experts from multidisciplinary fields including medical, information technology and computing fields. Designed as a study tool for graduate students, researchers, and medical professionals, this book is also valuable for business managers, entrepreneurs, and investors within the medical and healthcare industries. It is useful for anyone who cares about the future opportunities in healthcare systems.

  • This brief focuses on stochastic energy optimization for distributed energy resources in smart grids. Along with a review of drivers and recent developments towards distributed energy resources, this brief presents research challenges of integrating millions of distributed energy resources into the grid. The brief then proposes a novel three-level hierarchical architecture for effectively integrating distributed energy resources into smart grids. Under the proposed hierarchical architecture, distributed energy resource management algorithms at the three levels (i.e., smart home, smart neighborhood, and smart microgrid) are developed in this brief based on stochastic optimization that can handle the involved uncertainties in the system.

  • This book answers the call for New
    Urbanization, and proposes
    a "5+9+6" national
    spatial layout plan for the urbanization
    of the 770 major cities in China. This macro pattern is based on a few
    major metropolises at the center, and other cities supporting and benefitting from these
    metropolises to form a pyramid-like urban hierarchical system. The book also presents a comprehensive
    regionalization plan for China's New Urbanization and strategic approaches to improving the quality of this
    New Urbanization. 

    Currently, China is aggressively promoting a so-called New Urbanization, which has been regarded as one of the primary
    ways to build a moderately prosperous society, to address critical issues
    related to agriculture,
    rural regions and farmers, to expand domestic demand and promote industrial innovation, and to realize the China Dream.
    From a systematic perspective and using recently released urban data, the
    authors analyze the current status of New Urbanization in China and also investigate
    the various potential problems and obstacles to its concrete implementation. Based on the analyses
    and investigations, the authors propose strategic directions, paths and basic
    principles for China's New Urbanization. In addition, they clearly identify the three different
    modes of New Urbanization, namely, the general mode, differentiated mode, and gradual mode.Today, many scholars argue that China's urban regions are
    experiencing a highly unsustainable mode of development. Chinese cities are
    heavily burdened by the
    so-called "urban diseases,"
    which are characterized e.g.
    by congested traffic, polluted water and air, and a lack of open and green spaces. Traditional
    urbanization, which primarily focuses
    on economic development, must
    be fundamentally reformed. New Urbanization, which focuses on integrated economic development,
    social integration and space/environmental sustainability, or simply put, on the quality of
    urbanization, has been called for to provide a potential "cure" for these urban diseases. Due to the vastness of China's
    population and its rapidly growing economic, political and cultural relationships
    with the rest of the world,
    the book demonstrates that
    the success of this New Urbanization is critical not only to the future of urban China,
    but also the future of urbanization worldwide.

    book offers a valuable reference
    work for all researchers, graduate student and policy makers interested
    in China's urban development.

  • This book presents an overview of speaker recognition technologies with an emphasis on dealing with robustness issues. Firstly, the book gives an overview of speaker recognition, such as the basic system framework, categories under different criteria, performance evaluation and its development history. Secondly, with regard to robustness issues, the book presents three categories, including environment-related issues, speaker-related issues and application-oriented issues. For each category, the book describes the current hot topics, existing technologies, and potential research focuses in the future. The book is a useful reference book and self-learning guide for early researchers working in the field of robust speech recognition.

  • Cancer Grading Manual


    • Springer
    • 26 Février 2013

    This is the second edition of a practice-oriented, well-illustrated manual on the microscopic grading of tumors. After an introduction on the history and basic tenets of tumor grading, subsequent chapters focus on specific organ systems. In each case, the most widely used system for grading common tumors is presented and discussed. Throughout, careful attention is paid to the principles of microscopic tumor grading, ancillary methods to improve grading, and the latest techniques used in evaluating tumors and formulating prognosis. Since the first edition, all chapters have been updated to reflect revisions in the clinical practice of pathology and to explain the role of novel immunohistochemistry and molecular biology techniques. In addition, a new chapter is devoted to the latest trends in cancer grading, and further illustrations have been included. Cancer Grading Manual is a superb resource for both diagnostic surgical pathologists and pathology residents.

  • In this book, the authors present their theoretical, experimental and numerical investigations into concrete structures subjected to projectile and aircraft impacts in recent years. Innovative approaches to analyze the rigid, mass abrasive and eroding projectile penetration and perforation are proposed. Damage and failure analyses of nuclear power plant containments impacted by large commercial aircrafts are numerically and experimentally analyzed. Ultra-high performance concrete materials and structures against the projectile impact are developed and their capacities of resisting projectile impact are evaluated. This book is written for the researchers, engineers and graduate students in the fields of protective structures and terminal ballistics.

  • International Conference on Bio-Inspired Computing: Theories and Applications (BIC-TA) is one of the flagship conferences on Bio-Computing, bringing together the world's leading scientists from different areas of Natural Computing. Since 2006, the conferences have taken place at Wuhan (2006), Zhengzhou (2007), Adelaide (2008), Beijing (2009), Liverpool & Changsha (2010), Malaysia (2011) and India (2012). Following the successes of previous events, the 8th conference is organized and hosted by Anhui University of Science and Technology in China. This conference aims to provide a high-level international forum that researchers with different backgrounds and who are working in the related areas can use to present their latest results and exchange ideas. Additionally, the growing trend in Emergent Systems has resulted in the inclusion of two other closely related fields in the BIC-TA 2013 event, namely Complex Systems and Computational Neuroscience.
    These proceedings are intended for researchers in the fields of Membrane Computing, Evolutionary Computing and Genetic Algorithms, DNA and Molecular Computing, Biological Computing, Swarm Intelligence, Autonomy-Oriented Computing, Cellular and Molecular Automata, Complex Systems, etc.
    Professor Zhixiang Yin is the Dean of the School of Science, Anhui University of Science & Technology, China. Professor Linqiang Pan is the head of the research group of Natural Computing at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. Professor Xianwen Fang also works at the Anhui University of Science & Technology.

  • This book explains why China's opening-up policy can boost the rapid growth of its economy. Based on concrete facts and economic logic, it offers a brief introduction to the history of China's successful development, which has unprecedentedly helped improve people's lives and community welfare over the past 30 years. In light of the newly emerging problems, the author assesses the different stages of China's economic development and new challenges, illustrating how the country's sustainable growth could be achieved through further reforms so as to complete the transition from a middle-income to high-income country. He moves on to discuss the lessons learned from China's experiences and summarizes their significance for other developing countries, while also clarifying popular misconceptions such as the "China Menace" and "Theory of China's Collapse." Taking the logic of economic development as a basis and employing economic norm analysis methods, the book describes China's economic miracle in plain but vivid language and attempts to enrich the economic development theory through China's experience.

  • This book is organized in 2 volumes and 6 parts. Part I is Big Data Analytics, which is about new advances of analysis, statistics, coordination  and data mining of big data; Part II is Information Systems Management, which is about the development of big data information system or cloud platform. Part III is Computing Methodology with Big Data, which is about the improvements of traditional computation technologies in the background of big data; Part IV is Uncertainty Decision Making, which is about the decision making methods with various uncertain information, such as fuzzy, random, rough, gray, unascertained. Part V is Intelligence Algorithm. Part VI is Data Security, which is a particularly important aspect in the modern management environment.

  • This book provides state-of-the-art reviews, the latest research, prospects and challenges of the production of platform chemicals such as C6 sugars, 5-hydroxymethylfurfural, furfural, gamma-valerolactone, xylitol, 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid, levulinic acid, ethanol and others from sustainable biomass resources using processes that include heterogeneous catalysis, ionic liquids, hydrothermal/solvothermal, electrochemical and fermentation methods. It also discusses the application of these chemicals and their derivatives for synthesizing commodity chemicals via various routes. Intended as a reference resource for researchers, academicians and industrialists in the area of energy, chemical engineering and biomass conversion, it provides a wealth of information essential for assessing the production and application of various biomass-derived platform chemicals using biological, chemical and electrochemical techniques. 

  • China's Democracy Path

    Ning Fang

    • Springer
    • 17 Juillet 2015

    This book argues that democracy is the inevitable product of China's industrialization and modernization, and is necessary for the development of China's current society. It provides a political guarantee for China's industrialization and modernization. There are both similarities and differences between China's version of democracy and those versions of other countries. In this book, the author discusses the country's important experiences in constructing democracy with Chinese characteristics, which it has gathered during the long struggle for national independence, prosperity and social development. The democracy system embodies basic values and universal principles of democracy with uniquely Chinese characteristics.

  • This research-to-practice volume grounds clinicians in a robust, culturally-informed framework for conducting effective therapy with Asian-American couples, families, and individuals. Family, cultural, social, and spiritual dynamics are explored across ethnicities, generations, relationships, and immigrant/citizen experience to reflect a diverse, growing population. Discussion and case examples focus on contrasts, conflicts, and balances involved in acculturation and change, notably the shift from collectivist cultural tradition to a more independent view of the self, gender, choices, and relationships. The contributors' finely shaded guidance and accessible approach will help therapists provide appropriate services for Asian-American clients without minimizing or pathologizing their experiences.Included in the coverage:How Asian American couples negotiate relational harmony: collectivism and gender equality.
    Through religion: working-class Korean immigrant women negotiate patriarchy.
    The role of Chinese grandparents in their adult children's parenting practices in the United States.
    Balancing the old and the new: the case of second generation Filipino American women.
    Bicultural identity as a protective factor among Southeast Asian American youth who have witnessed domestic violence.
    Transition and Change in Collectivist Family Life is a cogent clinical resource for practitioners and mental health professionals with interests in Asian-American family therapy, psychotherapy, collectivism, and faith-based community and counseling.

  • Distributed source coding is one of the key enablers for efficient cooperative communication. The potential applications range from wireless sensor networks, ad-hoc networks, and surveillance networks, to robust low-complexity video coding, stereo/Multiview video coding, HDTV, hyper-spectral and multispectral imaging, and biometrics. The book is divided into three sections: theory, algorithms, and applications. Part one covers the background of information theory with an emphasis on DSC; part two discusses designs of algorithmic solutions for DSC problems, covering the three most important DSC problems: Slepian-Wolf, Wyner-Ziv, and MT source coding; and part three is dedicated to a variety of potential DSC applications. Key features: Clear explanation of distributed source coding theory and algorithms including both lossless and lossy designs. Rich applications of distributed source coding, which covers multimedia communication and data security applications. Self-contained content for beginners from basic information theory to practical code implementation. The book provides fundamental knowledge for engineers and computer scientists to access the topic of distributed source coding. It is also suitable for senior undergraduate and first year graduate students in electrical engineering; computer engineering; signal processing; image/video processing; and information theory and communications.

  • This book approaches the concept of geo-architecture from the perspective of functions of architectures by analyzing the cases of traditional Chinese houses and tombs as well as palaces and places of worship. Houses and tombs, the `Yang' dwellings and `Yin' dwellings of human beings in traditional Chinese interpretation, are the two types of architectures that reveal the wisdom with which different ethnic groups adapted to different geographic environments at different times throughout the long history. Palaces are connected with various religious architectures throughout the Chinese history.  The connection between imperial power and religion, along with its geographic and cultural connotations, are implicated in the pattern and layout of religious and imperial architectures. This book is the second of a 4-volume book series. The series develops the innovative concept of "geo-architecture" by exploring the myriad influences of natural, human and historical factors upon architecture. These influences are considered in three categories, namely, interaction between architecture and nature, interaction between architecture and its human users and change in architecture over time--each category serves as a lens. Augmenting these lenses is the Time-Person-Place concept applied different geographic. The analysis ultimately focuses on two aspects: geographic influence on architecture and architectural response to geography. The over 1000 pictures of case architectures enriches the study with stunning and unique visual angles.
    "This unprecedented work will be a unique and valuable contribution to the literature. Integrating as it does the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, and geography, Wang Fang's voice is original, compelling, and will be much appreciated by English-speaking readers (and inside China, too, I can only imagine.)"Stephen M Ervin Assistant Dean Graduate School of Design, Harvard University July 2nd, 2013
    "One reason for why there would be interest is because her research would fill some significant gaps in the literature.What is novel about Dr. Wang's series is that she further extends this intellectual project of looking at Chinese architecture through Chinese eyes, by taking it one provocative step further."Annette M. Kim Associate Professor Department of Urban Studies and Planning, M.I.T. July 1st, 2013

  • This book provides state-of-the-art reviews, current research on and the prospects of lignin production, biological, thermal and chemical conversion methods, and lignin technoeconomics.  Fundamental topics related to lignin chemistry, properties, analysis, characterization, and depolymerization mechanisms, as well as enzymatic, fungal and bacterial degradation methods are covered. The book also examines practical topics related to technologies for lignin and ultra-pure lignin recovery, activated carbon, carbon fiber production and materials, and addresses the biological conversion of lignin with fungi, bacteria or enzymes to produce chemicals, along with chemical, catalytic, thermochemical and solvolysis conversion methods.  Lastly, it presents a case study on practical polyurethane foam production using lignin.  Lignin has a bright future and will be an essential feedstock for producing renewable chemicals, biofuels and value-added products. Offering comprehensive information on this promising material, the book represents a valuable resource for students, researchers, academicians and industrialists in the field of biochemistry and energy.

  • This proceedings book is divided in 2 Volumes and 8 Parts. Part I is dedicated to Decision Support System, which is about the information system that supports business or organizational decision-making activities; Part II is on Computing Methodology, which is always used to provide the most effective algorithm for numerical solutions of various modeling problems; Part III presents Information Technology,  which is the application of computers to store, study, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, or information in the context of a business or other enterprise; Part IV is dedicated to Data Analysis, which is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making; Part V presents papers on Operational Management, which is about the plan, organization, implementation and control of the operation process; Part VI is on Project Management, which is about the initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time in the field of engineering; Part VII presents Green Supply Chain, which is about the management of the flow of goods and services based on the concept of "low-carbon"; Part VIII is focused on Industry Strategy Management, which refers to the decision-making and management art of an industry or organization in a long-term and long-term development direction, objectives, tasks and policies, as well as resource allocation.

  • A compelling profile of an emerging Chinese competitor Chinese firms are reinventing their business models, their corporate cultures, and themselves, becoming global competitors who increasingly offer knowledge rather than cheap labour in their quest to join the ranks of the "world's best" companies. This book offers a compelling profile of the most ambitious of these emerging Chinese competitors, the Haier Corporation (the world's largest manufacturer of home appliances), and shares insights on how one organization has repeatedly reinvented its business model and corporate culture in an effort to sustain its success. Reinventing Giants provides an exclusive look within the Haier Corporation and shows how managerial accountability and responsibility have been repositioned at every level of the organization, with the core value of market-centricity, while aligning strategy on each level of management. It includes actual work reports that show this process in detail from the ground up. The authors emphasize how a belief in the liberation of employee talent has consistently been the driving force underlying Haier's success. Includes the remarkable story of Haier's turnaround and how these lessons can be applied to other organizations Contains information for any company grappling with competition in the global marketplace Shows how to liberate employees' talent to drive business success Written by Bill Fischer, Professor of Innovation Management at IMD in Switzerland, Umberto Lago, Professor of Management at Bologna University, Italy, and Fang Liu, Research Associate of IMD Reinventing Giants helps global managers rethink their own business models and accompanying corporate cultures in order to be able to apply Haier's lessons directly to their own organizations.