• En rentrant chez lui un vendredi après-midi de tempête de neige, après une journée à l'université privée de Chosen où il enseigne l'histoire de l'art, George Clare trouve sa femme assassinée, et leur fille de trois ans seule dans sa chambre - depuis combien de temps ?

    Huit mois plus tôt, il avait fait emménager sa famille dans cette petite ville étriquée et appauvrie (mais récemment repérée par de riches New-yorkais à la recherche d'un havre bucolique) où ils avaient pu acheter pour une bouchée de pain la ferme des Hale, une ancienne exploitation laitière.
    George est le premier suspect, la question de sa culpabilité résonnant dans une histoire pleine de secrets personnels et professionnels. Mais Dans les angles morts est aussi l'histoire des trois frères Hale, qui se retrouvent mêlés à ce mystère, en premier lieu parce que les Clare occupent la maison de leur enfance, celle qu'ils ont dû quitter après le suicide de leurs parents.
    Le voile impitoyable de la mort est omniprésent ; un crime en cache d'autres, et vingt années s'écoulent avant qu'une justice implacable soit rendue.

    Portrait riche et complexe d'un psychopathe, d'un mariage aussi, ce roman étudie dans le détail les diverses cicatrices qui entachent des familles très différentes, et jusqu'à une communauté tout entière.

  • 'Ghosts, murder, a terrifying psychotic who seems normal, and beautiful writing. Loved it' Stephen King'Can make you gasp in astonishment or break your heart with a single line' Wall St Journal'Superb. Think a more literary, and feminist, Gone Girl' Vogue
    This begins the morning Catherine Clare died.
    The day her daughter spent in the house with her.
    The evening her husband came home to find her.This becomes the tale of their marriage,
    and the ones around them.
    A tale of bonds between families,
    between lives living and lost
    and of the lonely ones that share no bonds at all.
    Who should be pitied.
    Who must be feared.

  • A dark, riveting, beautifully written book--by “a brilliant novelist,” according to Richard Bausch--that combines noir and the gothic in a story about two families entwined in their own unhappiness, with, at its heart, a gruesome and unsolved murder Late one winter afternoon in upstate New York, George Clare comes home to find his wife killed and their three-year-old daughter alone--for how many hours?--in her room across the hall. He had recently, begrudgingly, taken a position at a nearby private college (far too expensive for local kids to attend) teaching art history, and moved his family into a tight-knit, impoverished town that has lately been discovered by wealthy outsiders in search of a rural idyll. George is of course the immediate suspect--the question of his guilt echoing in a story shot through with secrets both personal and professional. While his parents rescue him from suspicion, a persistent cop is stymied at every turn in proving Clare a heartless murderer. And three teenage brothers (orphaned by tragic circumstances) find themselves entangled in this mystery, not least because the Clares had moved into their childhood home, a once-thriving dairy farm. The pall of death is ongoing, and relentless; behind one crime there are others, and more than twenty years will pass before a hard kind of justice is finally served. A rich and complex portrait of a psychopath and a marriage, this is also an astute study of the various taints that can scar very different families, and even an entire community. Elizabeth Brundage is an essential talent who has given us a true modern classic. From the Hardcover edition.

  • “The memory starts here, in my apron pocket, with the gun.”
    So begins The Doctor’s Wife, a stunning debut novel about four people and the cataclysmic intersection of their lives.; Michael is a rising OB/GYN at a prominent private practice in Albany, New York; he also moonlights at a local women’s health clinic.; But Annie, his wife, has become tired of her workaholic husband’s absences, and the soccer-mom lifestyle has worn thin. She begins a passionate love affair with bad-boy, fading celebrity painter Simon Haas--an affair that quickly goes awry when Simon’s wife Lydia, who is also the model upon whom he built his career, discovers the truth.;;
    Abortion, local evangelism, marital disenchantment, and the rifts of social class:; Brundage takes on the fault lines of our era with a deft hand.;;;

  • "A pithy, ironic L.A. noir full of broken dreams and snappy repartee." -Stewart O'Nan After years of working a dead-end job at an insurance company in New Jersey, Hugh Waters finally sells his screenplay to a major Hollywood studio. But when the young, Ivy League hotshot Hedda Chase takes over as top executive, she finds his story violent, unconvincing, and riddled with clichés, and quickly pulls the plug on the deal. So Hugh hops on a plane to L.A. hoping to talk things over-or perhaps he'll find another way to prove that his script isn't so implausible after all...
    Evocative of Patricia Highsmith, and set against high-voltage backdrops from Hollywood to Abu Dhabi, A Stranger Like You is a taut and terrifying thriller about the lengths to which we'll go to make our dreams come true.