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  • A sensuous story of sex and submission in ancient Rome, Slaves of Rome tells of strong dominant men, the victors of savage wars, who take for themselves by right of conquest, the most desirable and beautiful women in the known world. In this tale we follow the adventures of Marcus, a lusty officer in the legions of Rome as he is sent to guard the northern frontier from the savage blond barbarians; proud Nordic warriors whose women are renown throughout the empire for their startling beauty. War yields captives, and captives in those less civilized times are forced into slavery, made to obey and serve without question their Roman masters. This is the story of the wild debauchery and the sensual decadence that flowed out from imperial Rome to the furthest reaches of the farflung empire. Classic D/s Erotica from one of the masters of the genre.

  • Erotic D/s stories, each describing in exquisite detail the sensual power and fascinating allure of carefully chosen women. Some are beautiful, some merely pretty in an ordinary sort of way while others are quite exotic. For men who love women, each represents a shining example of her sex, with a seductive appeal that makes her erotic exploits so arousing. These extraordinary women are masterfully depicted at the height of sexual ecstasy by renowned erotica author Don Julian Winslow. The Storyteller Chloe is a bit a vixen as she weaves a delightfully wicked tale for her lover - of Nadia, a mistress of the dance, who properly disciplines miscreant pupils with the help of a wooden ruler and barre over which they present their tight bottoms for the spanking they've earned. In Sutter's Back Room, the dimlylit space becomes a backdrop for the sexually eager Bobbi to enjoy the naughty thrill of surrender at the hands of her dominantly inclined coworker.

  • The world doesn't know her secret; the Lady of Cheatem Manor, the beautiful Lady Amanda Longleigh, is driven by an insatiable lust for sex - her kind of sex. She rules in Baronial splendor, and to all the world appears to be the model of a respectable aristocrat. Little do they know of her closely guarded private life, where behind the walls of the manor, she allows herself to indulge in the most unspeakable perversions. Her rather peculiar views on the place of men dominate life at the remote estate, allowing her to indulge quite freely in the most unspeakable behavior, that is until the day her wild excesses are reined in and she's forced to come to heel under the firm hand of an exarmy major - a proud man who arrives to claim his rightful inheritance. From renowned erotica author, Don Julian Winslow.

  • Skylar Elliot is a Silicon Valley millionaire who's sold his company, now enjoying a life dedicated to pleasures of the flesh. His companion on the road to sexual excess is the coldly remote Katerina Lattimore, a striking older woman, whose own peculiar sexual tastes seem insatiable. The two cross paths with Crissy, a working girl, and her friend Margo, at a party in Beverly Hills. Young Crissy, a funloving California blonde, is instantly smitten by the boyish good looks of the millionaire, although puzzled by his strange attachment to the older woman. She wangles an introduction, and is ecstatic when Skyler invites her to his luxurious retreat in the California Hills. There, Crissy is drawn into their life of sheer indulgence, exploring her own darker side, including perversions that she once would have never admitted. Eventually, Margot is drawn into the web, reveling in sensual delight. Meanwhile, the Female Dominatrix, Katerina, is forced to confront her submissive side at the hands of a Latin lover in an orgy of public display.

  • Special Agent Mallory Channing of the National Bureau of Investigation has to fight every inch of the way to forge a career in that entrenched, male-dominated bureaucracy. Beautiful, intelligent, and well-educated, she's determined to prove herself by volunteering for the most dangerous assignments. But nothing in her training can prepare her for the peril she faces when she finds herself taken far from civilization and deposited into a remote, barbarous world - one ruled by strong, ruthless men. Ms. Mallory Channing would be shocked to discover that the term "White Slavers," far from being confined to the dustbins of history, lay just beneath the surface of her modern, civilized world.

  • Revenge is a dish best served cold - or so the saying goes. But revenge can also be hot - if taken in the heated rush of sexual surrender. The Pleasure Machine explores the alltoohuman desire for vengeance. It is a peculiar kind of distinctly sexual revenge where lovers and strangers are inexorably compelled to engage in sexual acts by the power of their own unleashed passions, passions sent raging far beyond their control. John Block was a pro: a New York Private Detective who thought he had seen it all. That is, until the day he became entangled in the Descartes project. It was only on his death bed, at the age of 89, in the Grand Cayman Islands, that Block revealed the secrets Dr. Descartes, and the details of a plot so bizarre, outrageously sexual, and mostly unbelievable, that it would only appeal to the most excitable conspiracy buffs - the kind who don't even believe their own government. For this conspiracy was aimed at wreaking vengeance upon a targeted group of women: conceited, overbearing women, who, by their deeds, had well earned the unique sort of sexual retribution Dr. Descartes had planned for his victims. For the Doctor`s ultimate secret was his ability to uncover a healthy woman's hidden passions - passions that once unleashed, could never again be brought under control. Includes: M/f, bondage, cuffs, collaring, spanking, anal and straight sex, abduction, microchip implants.

  • You knew when she walked on by that there was something special about that girl. She had an unmistakable air - stylish, elegant, with the classic looks of a thoroughbred, and the stride of a high fashion model. She was one of Claire's Girls, one of those attractive, smartlydressed young women who caused heads to turn as they strode in their heels down Park Avenue on their way to some discreet rendezvous. She had been carefully dressed and groomed and shaped to fulfill a very special role, to capture a look, to fit an image meticulously crafted by the sophisticated proprietress of the world's most exclusive escort agency. This sensuous narrative includes a series of vignettes, each one highlighting a different girl from the stable of New York's finest escort agency. They represent a range of modern women: the brash, uninhibited young girl and the exciting sensually mature woman, the urban housewife, and the girlnext door, the businesswoman in her trim suit, the kinky dominatrix clad all in lather - each with her unique provocative allure. We follow these young women though their sexual escapades, delving into sex in the city as they explore the outer fringe of the erotic.

  • In this collection of tales, whispered fantasies are snatched from the dark side of the internet and brought closer, allowing us to examine the many varieties of human sexual experiences. Inspired by the shocking riot of sexual encounters graphically depicted in cyberspace, each story is unique, seductive and sizzling hot! Included are the joyful exhibitionist and the happy voyeur (and aren't we all voyeurs, after all?). Those enamored with power games, with the thrill of ultimate surrender, with bondage of the body and the soul. The genial couple who would invite a sensual woman, or a strong man to their bed. Those with weakened defenses who can do nothing but consent to the awesome power of Eros. Those who are fascinated by the way a woman thrills to display herself, showing a body irresistible to the caress of an adoring hand. And those who are caught up in their own fantasies, those of such terrible power that they are threatened to be overwhelmed.

  • T wo novellas about men obsessed with women who are both captive and captivating. "Breedlowe's Obsession," that's what the old boys called it, most often followed by a nudge, and a knowing wink. But they would never know, or even suspect, the lengths to which that obsession will be carried, once their former classmate has acquired the necessary wealth and considerable leisure to fully indulge his insatiable appetite for feminine beauty. "Nathan's Circle" - that was the name the five women gave themselves as a sort of joke. They might laugh among themselves, but each knew that she and her sisters were bound to the man, inextricably drawn by the magnetic force of his powerful personality. Once captured, they were held in place by their shared addiction to the curious little sex toys he had devised for their pleasure. Nathan knew what it took to turn a girl on - even by remote control!

  • COMPULSION: Webster defines compulsion as: "A feeling of being irresistibly driven to perform some irrational act." Compulsion delves into the sexual perversities of lovers and strangers, ordinary men and women who are driven to the most extreme lengths by sexual fantasies whose terrible power they can neither understand nor control.

  • OBSESSION: This collection presents tales of men and women at play in the many variations of human sexuality; from stories of everyday lovemaking, to those that skate the outer fringe of sexual expression. Stories for those who welcome and thoroughly embrace the powerful role that SEX plays in their lives, reveling in its uninhibited lust. Includes Masters and Mistresses, discipline, punishment, spanking, examination, humiliation, exhibitionism, anal and graphically, erotically detailed sex. From Don Julian Winslow, an internationally recognized master of erotic ficton.

  • The connection between sex and spanking has long been understood by sexual sophisticates, and one of the byproducts of sex on the internet has been a growing interest in erotic spanking. It is the internet that has had the most profound effect on people's sexual functioning by laying bare, to present before the whole world, the many and wondrous variations of human sexual functioning. Erotic spanking is one such variation on the theme. This compilation of short stories and vignettes, all feature erotic spanking as a common motif. All are exciting and entertaining accounts of light BDSM; tales of strong males and submissive females at play in all the variations of human sexuality, from the everyday lovemaking of men and women, to outermost fringe of the bizarre. This is the first time all Winslow's spanking stories have been collected together in one volume.