• Dans une société où toutes les maisons sont de verre, et dont les règles ne nous sont connues que par opposition aux besoins de l'individu : la solitude, le mur de la vie privée, l'épanchement par l'écriture, le libre-choix amoureux, - un être se met hors la loi de ce monde où est en train de s'accomplir le vieux rêve (ou cauchemar) des hommes sans inquiétude. Sa révolte a le nom d'une femme : Mortelle.

  • Les apparences : juillet, une plage de Méditerranée, chaises longues et parasols, mer trop bleue calme et détente. Seulement il faut se méfier des apparences. Se méfier de Chris, 16 ans. Chris que cet été-là, devient plus attirante que sa mère. Le vacanciers, Vic, Peter et Barbara, Raymond Lassens, Miriam et Dorothée, vont en faire les frais. Touchés, piqués, coulés. Drôle d'été pour les amours. D'autant que c'est une année à méduses. D'où viennent-elles ou comment vont-elles s'inscrire dans le jeu du dés que Chris croit mener à sa guise ? L'adolescent connaît son art et ses armes. Son art : domination ; tous en sont victimes, mère, amant amie. Ses armes : s'offrir à l'un, à l'autre, ici, tout de suite car qui la refuserait ? Le danger vient de Romain Kalidès, chevalier des sables, aventurier immobile des plage Romain qui l'appelle Salomé. Elle n'aime pas ça Chris. Elle n'aime pas qu'il entre dans son jeu ou le fausse. Beau duel en perspective. Duel au soleil, duel nocturne à l'issue des plus inatendues. Non, décidément, il ne faut pas se fier aux apparences. Tel est ce roman, le sixième de Christophe Frank après la Nuit américaine et Josepha.

  • A Modern Library Paperback Original During the first years of the twentieth century, the British plant collector and explorer Frank Kingdon Ward went on twenty-four impossibly daring expeditions throughout Tibet, China, and Southeast Asia, in search of rare and elusive species of plants. He was responsible for the discovery of numerous varieties previously unknown in Europe and America, including the legendary Tibetan blue poppy, and the introduction of their seeds into the world';s gardens. Kingdon Ward';s accounts capture all the romance of his wildly adventurous expeditions, whether he was swinging across a bottomless gorge on a cable of twisted bamboo strands or clambering across a rocky scree in fear of an impending avalanche. Drawn from writings out of print for almost seventy-five years, this new collection, edited and introduced by professional horticulturalist and House & Garden columnist Tom Christopher, returns Kingdon Ward to his deserved place in the literature of discovery and the literature of the garden.

  • Whatever you fancy - enthralling epic fantasy or spine-tingling ghost-story, mythical thriller or riveting alternate history - Jo Fletcher Books has it all.Here at Jo Fletcher Books we pride ourselves on publishing high quality fantasy, science fiction and horror, of all types (we don't like to be bored). To demonstrate this, we've put together an anthology featuring a collection of short stories written by our wonderful authors. The Jo Fletcher Books Anthology includes stories from award-winning and bestselling writers including Lisa Tuttle, Alison Littlewood and Christopher Golden as well as many others: a showcase of the fantastic talent contained within this small but perfectly formed Imprint. Whatever your taste, there is something in here for everyone

  • This book examines planning education provision and approaches globally, through a comparative and longitudinal perspective. It explores the emergence of planning education in the 20th century, with its rich variation and yet a remarkable degree of cross-fertilization. Each of the sections of the book is framed by an overview essay which has been prepared by the editors to provide the reader with a critical exposure to relevant scholarship drawing on the detailed case studies and exploratory essays on key issues in planning education. The first part of this volume focuses on the emergence of planning education programs in the twentieth century as a way to understand the current planning education environment. Then we explore how education in urban, regional and spatial planning has developed in different ways in different countries and continents. The final part of this volume aims to envision how planning can adapt and develop to remain relevant to the development of human environments in the 21st century. Urban planning education has become a pervasive practice throughout the world as urbanization and development pressures have increased over the past half century, and as demand increased for professional trained experts to guide those processes. The approaches vary widely, based in part upon the discipline from which the planning program developed as well as the context-specific challenges within the country or region where the program resides.

  • This book focuses on the application and development of information geometric methods in the analysis, classification and retrieval of images and signals. It provides introductory chapters to help those new to information geometry and applies the theory to several applications. This area has developed rapidly over recent years, propelled by the major theoretical developments in information geometry, efficient data and image acquisition and the desire to process and interpret large databases of digital information. The book addresses both the transfer of methodology to practitioners involved in database analysis and in its efficient computational implementation.

  • Der Einsatz von Cloud-Services birgt neben vielfältigen Vorteilen auch Risiken für die IT-Sicherheit von Unternehmen. Dies gilt insbesondere für Betreiber Kritischer Infrastrukturen, die durch das IT-Sicherheitsgesetz dazu verpflichtet werden, ihre IT besser vor Cyber-Attacken zu schützen. Für ein funktionierendes IT-Risiko- und Sicherheitsmanagement ist daher eine vollständige Identifikation sowie Bewertung der sich aus dem Einsatz von Cloud-Services ergebenden Risiken unerlässlich. Hierzu werden im vorliegenden essential ein Anforderungskatalog an Cloud-Services zur Umsetzung des IT-Sicherheitsgesetzes, ein Framework für das IT-Risikomanagement von Cloud-Services in Kritischen Infrastrukturen sowie Handlungsempfehlungen für Unternehmen präsentiert.Die Autoren
    Michael Adelmeyer, M.Sc., CISA, ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Fachgebiet für Unternehmensrechnung und Wirtschaftsinformatik (UWI) der Universität Osnabrück. Christopher Petrick, M.Sc., hat Betriebswirtschaftslehre mit den Schwerpunkten Accounting und Management an der Universität Osnabrück studiert. Prof. Dr. Frank Teuteberg ist Leiter des Fachgebiets UWI an der Universität Osnabrück. 

  • Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) continues to challenge our health care system in the complexity of presentation and the ever increasing number of patients exhibiting signs and symptoms of an acute coronary syndrome. Written by leading experts, Short Stay Management of Chest Pain provides scientific and clinical insights on the management of patients who arrive at the hospital with a presentation consistent with a potential acute coronary syndrome. Focusing on the cardiology aspects of chest pain, Short Stay Management of Chest Pain is a valuable tool for acute care physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators devoted to caring for this population. Short Stay Management of Chest Pain details the remarkable improvements in diagnostic accuracy and improved patient outcomes for patients presenting with suspected acute coronary syndromes.

  • Découvrez le scénario du film Une étrange affaire
    Bertrand Malair, énigmatique et charmeur homme d'affaires, reprend la gestion d'une chaîne de magasins. Cadre dans cette société où il s'ennuie, Louis Coline se voit confier le budget publicité. Fasciné par Malair, il se jette à corps perdu dans le travail. Délaissée, sa femme le quitte. Et puis c'est au tour de Malair de disparaître.