• The Health Care Policy Process enables the reader to develop an understanding of the scope and objectives of health policy studies, an analysis of the extent to which policies can be changed or influenced by those involved at the different stages of the policy process and the ability to assess both the need and the scope for change.

    Taking as her starting point an analysis of the health care system and the dynamics of the policy process, Carol Barker considers the relationship between planning and policy. Providing a working knowledge of the different ways in which policy issues may be analysed, the book sets out the problems involved in attempting to assess the views of different interest groups, and stresses the importance of supporting an active process of policy development.

    Carol Barker goes on to look at key concepts in analysing health care issues and examines some of the debates overshadowing today's health policy agenda, in part as set by international agencies and in part as set by developing nations themselves. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the dimensions of these issues in a way which will help those organizing health care to think strategically about the policy implications of health plans and policies.

    This book will be essential reading for students and academics of health care policy, as well as for those involved in the policy process, whether as policy makers, researchers, managers of health care professionals.