• Porte par les croyances d'un Ancien aborigene remarquable, voici le témoignage émouvant d'une vie qui transcende les discriminations. Rayonnant de générosité, d'esprit de partage, d'amour et d'une profonde spiritualité, Banjo Clarke raconte l'histoire douloureuse et méconnue de son peuple. Il puisait sa sagesse sur la terre de ses ancêtres.

  • Some lives, like that of Banjo Clarke, are so special thy touch countless others without trying. A descendant of Truganini, Banjo was born in the early 1920s in the Framlingham Forest near Warrnambool, Victoria, a member of the Kirrae Whurrong tribe. By the time he passed away he was known and loved by thousands for his wisdom and kindness. He carried a swag during the Depression, fought with Jimmy Sharman's famous boxing troupe, built roads for the army in World War II, and has 67 great-grandchildren. Despite the great hardships he faced, Banjo was renowned for espousing love and forgiveness, sustained by his deep connection to his land, his ancient culture and its spiritual beliefs.