• Whos killing the Upper East Side trophy wives?
    Unleashing the pent-up fury most Americans feel over the financial crisis, Brenda Cullertons wickedly riotous tale of an interior desecrator turned murderess is a flaming arrow into the dark heart of Manhattans filthy rich.
    Working on New Yorks Upper East Side for phenomenally rich and frighteningly skinny women who are suffering from BBS (Birkin Bag Syndrome--a muscle ailment due to carrying heavy pocketbooks) has driven interior designer Charlotte Wolfe mad. It seems to her that the insatiable pursuit of luxury breeds monsters. She gets even angrier when she begins to encounter the same thing over and over again: these women are so cheap they go on Craigslist to sell things their husband kept from wife number one.
    As the financial crisis escalates and Charlottes own resources dwindle, her rage leads her to not only bite the well-manicured hands that feed her, but to do something more--to really clean house. A razor-sharp satire thats both laugh-out-loud funny and edge-of-your-seat suspenseful, The Craigslist Murders will inspire readers to cheer an unlikely heroine, whose nightmares are the stuff of a poor persons dreams.
    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Cullerton's parents were always eccentric. Her mother gardened in curlers, pop beads, and black satin underpants, while her father hid wads of cash in shoes in the garage. This is a haunting, heartbreaking, and incredibly funny book that is a love letter to parents, family, and home--however strange they may be.