• " La planète Terre ne peut acquérir une conscience spirituelle plus élevée que grâce à des individus comme vous, qui prennent du recul et décident que la vie est vraiment beaucoup plus mystérieuse que nous ne le croyions ; ils devront ensuite rompre avec leurs habitudes de scepticisme et de négation... pour découvrir la nature de leur propre mission et trouver une manière intuitive de contribuer à l'élévation spirituelle de ce monde.
    " La prophétie des Andes est un livre qui a changé la vie de millions de personnes dans le monde. Ceux qui ont lu ce formidable roman initiatique ont découvert des coïncidences troublantes dans leur existence. Voici aujourd'hui le guide-compagnon du best-seller mondial de l'aventure spirituelle. A travers des explications précises et des exercices, James Redfield vous apprend à clarifier votre passé et vos idées, à améliorer vos relations avec les autres et à travailler avec les énergies positives.

  • Le héros de La Prophétie des Andes se trouve de nouveau entraîné dans une passionnante aventure. Charlène a disparu dans un parc naturel aux États-Unis où des scientifiques mènent -- en toute illégalitè -- d'inquiétantes expériences. Préoccupé, il décide de partir à sa recherche. Cette poursuite donnera lieu à quatre rencontres qui aideront le héros à pousser encore plus loin sa quête spirituelle.
    La Dixième Prophétie est l'aboutissement des neufs révélations présentées dans La Prophétie des Andes. Vendu à plus de cinq millions d'exemplaires dans le monde, cette oeuvre constitue un véritable phénomène de l'édition.

  • Frisson, suspense et spiritualité : pour clore la série de La Prophétie des Andes, un thriller captivant et visionnaire, entre Scott Peck et Indiana Jones.

    Le narrateur et son ami Wilson font une découverte incroyable : un fragment de manuscrit antique qui annonce la venue d'un monde meilleur, dans lequel les hommes vivraient en harmonie avec les êtres et les choses qui les entourent. Tandis que le calendrier maya prédit l'extinction imminente de notre espèce fin 2012, ce texte mystérieux révèle une alliance possible entre toutes les religions, capable de sauver l'humanité. Mais pour atteindre cette expérience spirituelle ultime, ce ralliement universel, nos deux aventuriers doivent partir en quête des onze fragments manquants, jusqu'à la douzième révélation. De l'Arizona au mont Sinaï en Égypte, ils se laissent guider par leurs intuitions, leurs prémonitions, leurs rencontres... magnifiées par une faculté à communiquer par télépathie.
    Mais nombreux sont ceux qui se dressent contre eux dans leur périple. Au sein de l'armée, des membres éminents se disent décidés à empêcher ce manuscrit d'être rendu public... tandis que de dangereux intégristes religieux défendent leur foi au prix de leur vie. Quand les prophéties annoncent la fin du monde, tous voudraient en être les acteurs et amorcer la bombe qui déclenchera l'Armaggedon. La course contre la montre pour sauver l'humanité a commencé...

  • Set in the rainforests of Peru, The Celestine Prophecy contains ancient secrets that could change our world. As James Redfield defines and concisely explains each of the Nine Insights contained in his spiritual masterpiece, you will not only crystallize your perceptions of why you are where you are in life, but head into tomorrow with new energy and optimism.Part of the Storycuts series, this is the 'pocket' guide to the Nine Insights of The Celestine Prophecy.

  • In the Tenth Insight James Redfield continues the inspirational parable he began in The Celestine Prophecy, further exploring spirituality, intuition, synchronicity and visualization - and illuminating both the world outside us and within us.Part of the Storycuts series, this is the 'pocket' edition of The Tenth Insight.

  • The Twelfth Insight is the fourth book in the hugely successful Celestine series. It is an adventure tale that is both suspenseful and contemplative, and builds on the insights introduced in Redfield's previous books. It describes a new wave of tolerance and integrity that is emerging in reaction to years of conflict, warfare and political corruption. With unsurpassed insight, James Redfield continues the astounding spiritual journey that is the Celestine series. Through deep intuition of the world within and without he moves the series into the future, showing us that 2012 is not about the end of the world - but about the unifying life of everyday miracles. In this book, the familiar character of Wil returns along with our narrator, 'The Hero'. Wil has found a fragment of a mysterious ancient document, which seems to be the first part of a guide to spiritual experience. Each step of the guide offers an expanded clarity about the larger picture of human life and purpose. But Wil and our Hero have only one part of the old document, and must systematically find the remaining parts. A global search has been unleashed to find the message and meaning of the document in its entirety.

  • You have never read a book like this before...The Celestine Prophecy contains secrets that are currently changing our world. Drawing on the ancient wisdom found in a Peruvian manuscript, it tells you how to make connections between the events happening in your own life right now...and lets you see what is going to happen to you in the years to come.The story it tells is a gripping one of adventure and discovery, but it is also a guidebook that has the power to crystalize your perceptions of why you are where you are in life...and to direct your steps with a new energy and optimism as you head into tomorrow.A book that comes along just once in a lifetime to change lives forever.

  • Millions have experienced the nine insights of The Celestine Prophecy and glimpsed the emerging world view that it describes. Inspired by this book, individuals across the world have opened up to the experience of guiding coincidences in their lives, and to a new sense of personal dignity and mission. Now, a new insight is emerging... The Tenth Insight. The Tenth Insight will take you on a journey into other dimensions...to memories of past experiences and other countries...to the moment before our conception and the birth vision we all experience...to the passage of death and the life review we must all face...to the self-imposed isolation of hell, where fearful souls resist awakening...and the love-filled Afterlife dimension where the knowledge of human destiny is guarded and held. And, back on Earth, you will see the fear of the future that is endangering Earth's spiritual renaissance, and you will struggle to overcome this fear by exploring the nature of intuition, synchronicity and visualization.As you grasp The Tenth Insight your memories will expand to include an understanding of the long expanse of human history and the special mission we all share to bring humanity to answer, as never before, the unspoken questions that loom over all of human experience and in every human heart: Why are we here? What are we to do? Where are we going? Again, with words that resonate with our deepest intuitions and illuminate both the world outside us and within us, James Redfield offers us all a unique, revelatory and ultimately joyful vision of human spirituality. One that could change your life - and perhaps the world.

  • In the remote snow-covered mountains near Tibet lies a community long thought to be a mere myth called Shambhala, or Shangri-La. Here, in this place, is knowledge that has been kept hidden for centuries, and an insight that can have a profound impact on the way each of us lives our lives. Your search for Shambhala begins with the words of a child and the vision of an old friend. Those slender clues and a powerful synchronicity will lead to Kathmandu, Nepal, and then to Lhasa, Tibet. Amid blowing snows and perilous mountains, you will meet the members of the secret Tibetan sect that guards mysterious legends - the verbal instructions handed down for centuries that describe the inner changes one must undergo before entering Shambhala.Finally, with Chinese Agents in pursuit, you will pass through regions where anger and compassion struggle for ascendancy, and arrive at a place where the stunning reality about human prayer-energy - our underdeveloped ability to increase the synchronicity in our lives and influence what will happen to us in the future - is revealed. Like James Redfield's other books, The Secret of Shambhala has a parable effect. Open yourself to this amazing adventure and the experience will stretch your world view. It will also leave you determined to channel your thoughts and wishes into a dynamic force that can help you to liberate your life, enhance the lives of others and actively change the world.

  • In this step-by-step guide James Redfield begins his exploration of the emerging interest in spirituality around the globe. Beginning with a survey of the most common synchronistic experiences, he shows how those interested in broadening their spiritual perception can actually experience for themselves the shifts in consciousness that are changing the human world. Described as the most direct explanation of the new world vision presented in the phenomenally successful Celestine fiction series, this fascinating and illuminating book reveals the author's inside view of how we are discovering the transcendent in our everyday existence and interpreting our individual synchronicity to find our destined purpose in life. Based on James Redfield's own experiences and those reported to him from every corner of the world since the writing of The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight, this book describes the first-hand growth techniques Celestine fans everywhere are looking for - perfectly setting the stage for the next remarkable book in the Celestine series, The Eleventh Insight.

  • You begin your quest with "The Celestine Prophecy," a parable that reads like a gripping adventure tale. Here you discover that an ancient Peruvian manuscript has disappeared. Although few Westerners know of its existence and a government wants to suppress it, this precious document contains an important secret: the nine Insights the human race is predicted to grasp as we enter an era of true spiritual awareness. To find the manuscript, you will journey high into the Andes mountains and into the deepest places of the self. When the last of the nine Insights is revealed to you, you will have an exciting new image of human life, and a positive vision of how we will save this planet, its creatures and its beauty. But one Insight will still be missing...

  • From James Redfield, the author of the phenomenal international bestseller, The Celestine Prophecy, and Michael Murphy, the author of the bestselling Golf in the Kingdom, with documentary filmmaker Sylvia Timbers, comes the story of the past, present and future of human potential - and a journey that can take contemporary seekers to the next level of spiritual evolution.Written with the insight of the The Celestine Prophecy and representing a unique pairing of global visionaries, God and the Evolving Universe is a book that deepens our knowledge of personal growth and shows how each of us can begin to integrate our extraordinary experiences into a heightened synchronistic flow - allowing us to participate consciously in an unfolding evolutionary adventure.With exercises that readers can use to develop the abilities they are reading about, God and the Evolving Universe heightens readers' awareness of their place in personal/planetary evolution and sets the stage for actualizing the next level of human potential.