Editorial Manuscritos

  • The long personal and professional experience of Dr. Javier Castillo allows him to finally come to the conclusion, in line with the Jungian idea, that dreams are a phenomenon of nature and must be understood as what they are. The contents that come from the unconscious neither want to hide, distort or fool us, but speak in its own language, the language of images.(Dr. Theodor Abt) Another of the fundamental characteristics of this work is the description of the different interpretive frameworks that occur in the psychotherapeutic practice of dream analysis. The experience of Dr. Castillo in Freudian, Reichian and Jungian analysis allows the reader to have a deep insight into the various analytical maps, and he makes a clear, organized and systematic description of the different forms of interpretation, which will be helpful for anyone who wants to further deepen their knowledge of this subject. (Dr. Antonio Sanfeliu)