Editions Plumes Solidaires

  • Alice, an accomplished and a little disillusioned woman, goes to a reception she dislikes in advance, because of a rather strange phone call she received... What will she discover? Is it really fate?


    Before I could make a choice, the line started to crackle.
    "A . . . Alice?"
    "I . . . it . . . can't . . . hear. . ."
    The line went dead.
    Just like that.
    I had spent an hour wondering what to do, what to say, who to turn to, then I decided to do the most reasonable thing: go to the speed-dating, discover the truth for myself. I was going to meet an important person, or I would have proof that this call was a prank, but at least I would know. I did not believe in soul mates and all that Disney-inspired crap, but I wanted to understand. This phone call was too strange.

    And here I am. Looking for signs I couldn't see. Not yet, at least.