• In this new volume, Lucky Luke has to clean out a whole city: Fenton Town, so named because, after being abandoned by the pioneers who founded it, it has been taken over by Dean Fenton, a desperado of the worst sort... Fenton Town has become the most depraved city in all of Texas. Lucky Luke makes a short visit to town?just the time needed to put Fenton in prison and chase out the remaining rabble.But soon the Dalton Brothers take up the torch, and, following Fenton's ideas, create... Dalton City, exclusively reserved for gangsters!!! They even capture Lucky Luke and force him to help them...

  • The story of Robin Hood has made a strong impression on Jesse James, and he would like to become a bandit with a big heart, like his hero. With the help of his brother Frank and his cousin Cole Younger, he decides to steal from the rich and redistribute the loot to the poor... But soon the trio is keeping the stolen money and spreading terror wherever they go. At Nothing Gulch, Lucky Luke is more than ready for them. But will he be able to rid the town of these desperados, when the population, terrorized, does nothing to help him?

  • This third volume in the collection brings us to the very edge of
    absolute greatness, with two later, far more mature solo outings -
    Doc Doxey's Elixir (including Manhunt) and Phil Wire (including Lucky
    Luke and Pill) were first published in 1955 and 1956, and already
    Luke was much closer to the cowboy that we now have in mind -
    followed by Rails on the Prairie, the first collaboration between
    /> Morris and Goscinny, that would usher in 30 years of a legendary
    collaboration. These stories are prefaced by a staggering 46 pages of
    extra material - biographies, essays, interviews, illustrations -
    that will delight every fan.

  • Lucky Luke T.78 ; the Dalton uncles Nouv.

    Once again, Luke is called to the penitentiary, though for once the
    Daltons haven't escaped. They have, however, just learned that their
    cousin Emmett, last survivor of the original Dalton gang, has a son -
    and that Averell was chosen as his godfather! Now Lucky Luke has to
    accompany the dumbest bandits in the West to the young boy's house,
    as Averell has been temporarily entrusted with his education. A job
    that his brothers see as an excellent opportunity to get rich ...

  • Big surprise for the Lonesome Cowboy: a rich widow and admirer of his
    exploits has bequeathed him a 250 acre cotton plantation in
    Louisiana! Thrust into the role of a rich landowner, welcomed as one
    by his white neighbours, he will have to fight to gain the trust of
    his terrified black employees and split his heritage among them. A
    goal towards which he'll receive help from the local Cajun community,
    and from ... the Daltons!

  • Lucky Luke T.79 ; steaming up the Mississippi Nouv.

    Passing through New Orleans, Lucky Luke stumbles upon a heated
    argument between two steamboat captains. The argument soon turns into
    a wager: whichever boat reaches Minneapolis first after steaming up
    the Mississippi will win the exclusive rights to the route. Captain
    Barstow quickly invites Luke to travel on his Daisy Belle, fearing
    that his opponent will cheat. And while he's not wrong, the biggest
    danger to both boats remains Old Man River himself ...

  • é Returned to their penitentiary by Lucky Luke for the umpteenth time, the Daltons meet a troubling character: Dunkle, a self-proclaimed prophet fond of fiery speeches. His continual preaching eventually converts the ever hapless Averell. Soon, all five escape together and find refuge in a friendly, welcoming community, where they sow chaos and discord each in their own way - unaware that Lucky Luke is already tracking them ...

  • Kid Luck, still travelling with Old Timer, arrives in Mushroom City.
    After months in the wild, they're both glad to find a place where
    they can have some fun! While the old gold miner has every intention
    to enjoy himself, though, he immediately sends Luke ... straight to
    school! A horrible sentence for the young cowboy-in-the-making, who
    is about to meet a quartet of already nasty little brats, and a
    /> pistolero with somewhat ... flexible morals!

  • When a former convict at the penitentiary where Rin Tin Can `works'
    passes away, he leaves his entire fortune to ... the stupidest dog in
    the West! The inheritance includes multiple buildings in Virginia
    City, including most of Chinatown, which isn't to everyone's taste.
    Even worse, the will states that if anything should happen to Rin Tin
    Can, everything would then pass onto ... Joe Dalton. Following the
    inevitable escape of the four Daltons, Lucky Luke will have to
    protect the canine millionaire!

  • When oil suddenly gushes from the ground in Whitney, it makes prospectors very happy, but not the inhabitants, for a pestilential smell soon covers the small town. Abandoning her home, Whitney's elder Miss Bluemarket moves to Smithville with her three pets - three adult buffaloes. Her search for a new home makes her easy prey for unscrupulous estate agents, and soon she finds herself owning a property whose mere name has the locals shaking in their boots: the Bates ranch...

  • While dragging the Daltons back to a new prison after their umpteenth escape, Luke comes across a French sculptor, Bartholdi, who's touring the West with a strange sculpture: a colossal hand holding a torch. In fact, it's part of the now famous Statue of Liberty, and Bartholdi is raising funds towards its construction and transport from France. It's not long before our cowboy is recruited by his government to escort Lady Liberty ... from Paris!

  • Gold has been found in the Klondike, a remote region in the Canadian
    far north! Jasper, the manservant of `Tenderfoot' Waldo, went to try
    his luck ... and vanished. Worried about his man, Waldo calls upon his
    old friend Lucky Luke. The two men will have to make the dangerous
    trip to the Klondike, only to face all those who, in that desolate,
    inhospitable land, will stop at nothing in order to fleece their
    fellow man.

  • At last Lucky Luke is getting a hardback collected edition, with the
    first adventures of the Lonesome Cowboy. After 70 years of life and
    almost 70 translated volumes, it was high time English-speaking
    readers were offered a hardback collected edition. This first volume
    contains the first seven adventures of Lucky Luke, previously
    published as volumes Arizona, Rodeo and Dick Digger's Gold Mine, and
    offers an unrivalled insight into the evolution of the character in
    terms of design as well as personality. The extras available make up
    a whooping 48 pages of illustrations, photographs, biographies,
    essays and anecdotes on Morris and the origins of Luke. A must read
    for any true fan of this legend of the West!

  • Sensational news in the United States: the great actress Sarah Bernhardt is coming from France for a grand tour across the continent. The world of show business is in effervescence but some, such as the League of Virtue, are opposed to the tragedian's coming, because of her sulphurous reputation. President Rutherford B. Hayes, a theatre-lover, asks Lucky Luke to look after the lady, ambassador of French culture and charm...

  • Arriving at the town of Fort Smith with a prisoner, Lucky Luke is
    surprised to find a place in turmoil and a thoroughly annoyed
    sheriff. Belle Starr, a rich ranch owner, keeps posting bail for
    every bandit arrested in town, with the complicity of a corrupt
    judge, before recruiting them in her own gang and carrying out
    various attacks and robberies. Unfortunately, she is also such a
    pillar of the community that no one believes she could possibly be

  • Plagued by constant bandit attacks, Wells Fargo is falling on hard times. To restore public trust in their services, the company sends one well-publicised stagecoach from Denver to San Francisco. It will have the best "whip" as driver, a motley crew of daring passengers, and?to escort them and a precious cargo of gold?none other than Lucky Luke. A wise precaution, because every desperado in the country will be waiting on the coach's planned route...

  • Two rival families live in Painful Gulch: the O'Timmins clan, who have big noses, and the O'Haras, who have big ears. They've been fighting for decades and don't even know why anymore. Lucky Luke is appointed mayor in order to bring peace back to the town. But the men and their thick-headed sense of honour will wreck all of Lucky Luke's plans for reconciliation. Our hero must find a solution!

  • As he roams with his horse Jolly Jumper, always seeking new adventures, Lucky Luke meets two suspicious characters, Denver Miles and Colorado Bill. Together they arrive on the outskirts of a deserted city, Gold Hill, which counts only one inhabitant. The old man, Powell, is the sole survivor of a gold rush that he has not given up on, despite years without success. He continues to work his mine, which Denver and Colorado soon try to take over any way they can. But Lucky Luke, who has taken a liking to the old man, is looking out for him and will save him from many troubles...

  • Just as the infamous Daltons are being transferred to a Mexican prison, robbers attack the van and "kidnap" the Daltons without realising it. Disappointed with their booty, they decide to hang the four brothers. In order to save their lives, brother Joe offers to share all his knowledge of organised crime with the leader of the bandits, Don Emilio. Meanwhile, the governor sends Lucky Luke to their rescue...

  • Mulligan's Western circus?his troop, lion and elephant?arrive in town under the escort of Lucky Luke. Zilch, a rich businessman and organizer of the annual grand rodeo, thinks the circus is going to compete with his business and does everything to prevent it from putting on a show. He even engages killer-for-hire Rattlesnake Joe, but in the end his attempts will provide unexpected publicity for the circus. On with the show!

  • In the Old West, there's nothing strange about a stagecoach getting robbed. But a stagecoach vanishing without a trace, now... Hired to protect the next coach and its important passengers, Lucky Luke finds himself teaming up with a particularly irritated Calamity Jane - something of hers was on the missing vehicle. The two of them soon begin hearing rather unpleasant rumours: whispers that the disappearance was caused by ... a mysterious ghost!

  • After the heavily cartoon- and slapstick cinema-inspired first
    adventures, Morris turned towards the tradition of Westerns to flesh
    out his hero's world. In Under a Western Sky, Lucky Luke versus Pat
    Poker and Outlaws there is a lot of Hollywood and John Ford, and
    while Luke hasn't quite settled into his current look, he's certainly
    closer to the phlegmatic cowboy we know and love. Outlaws also marks
    the first appearance of the Daltons - the historical Dalton brothers
    here, who will later return as their decidedly stupider cousins.
    Throw in 48 pages of extra material on Morris's experience in the
    United States, and this is a book you won't want to miss.

  • Calamity Jane saves Lucky Luke from a delicate situation. A friendship is quickly formed, and they arrive together in El Plomo... where Calamity Jane proves by her manners and her strength that she's not a weak woman: She acquires the local saloon by winning an arm-wrestling match! Its ex-owner, August Oyster, is hopping mad and has only one obsession: to send her packing. During this time, Lucky Luke tries to clear up a dark affair involving arms traffic...

  • Lucky Luke arrives at Navajo City just in time to sign up for the town's big rodeo. But the prize money promised to the winner is attracting some unsavoury types, and among the participating cowboys is one Cactus Kid, an unrepentant bully and outlaw. The clash is inevitable, both in and outside the arena, and Luke will have to fight with his customary aplomb and humour - before riding off to new adventures.