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  • The restored, unbowdlerized text of Raspes slapstick travel epic featuring the classic illustrations from Strang & Clark (1895) No one has journeyed to as many foreign lands as Baron von Munchausen. Nor, when it comes time to fire a cannon, will you find anyone more accurate. The comfort of courtly life is as natural to him as the harshest polar desert. On the subject of politics and science he has no equal. And all discussion of the moon must start and stop with the only man who has ever been there. His feats of prowess are famed the world over. Who else could leap a hedgerow with a carriage and horse on their back? No one. And then of course there are the bears... My god the poor bears!
    Written at a time when science was replacing religion, and explorers were mapping the globe, and in our own time made into an acclaimed movie by Terry Gilliam, The Travels and Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen unleashed the quintessential madman upon the Age of Enlightenment--and it remains the tallest of tall tales to this day.

  • Anglais The Duel

    Anton Chekhov

    About This Book "Hate you!" Laevsky said quietly, breathing heavily. "I've hated you a long time!" This new translation of the literary masterpiece-- which combines a beautiful romance with high suspense-- is here presented for the first time as a stand-alone volume.
    One of Chekhovs most important lengthy works, this remarkable story gives a startling twist to his classic, ongoing study of bourgeois romance when he sets it on a collision course with a decaying, Czarist concept of honor. It ends in the ultimate Chekhovian observation: that fate is often ludicrous.
    This Is An Enhanced eBook This eBook contains Illuminations--additional illustrated material that expand the world of Kleists novella through text and illustrations--at no additional charge.
    "Illuminations" contains writings by Mikhail Lermontov - Ivan Goncharov - Alexander Pushkin - Herbert Spencer - Friedrich Nietzsche - Jack London - Thomas Paine - Francis Bacon - Charles McKay And a guide to the game of vint.
    Full-color illustrations include: William Hogarth - James Joseph Tissot - Jan Steen - The Shahnameh and more.
    Also Included: Against The Duel: Writing In Protest of Dueling

  • The moving story of how F. Scott Fitzgerald--washed up, alcoholic and ill--dedicated himself to devising a heartfelt course in literature for the woman he loved.
    In 1937, on the night of her engagement to the Marquess of Donegall, Sheilah Graham met F. Scott Fitzgerald at a party in Hollywood. Graham, a British-born journalist, broke off her engagement, and until Fitzgerald had a fatal heart attack in her apartment in 1940, the two writers lived the fervid, sometimes violent affair that is memorialized here with unprecedented intimacy.
    When they met, Fitzgeralds fame had waned. He battled crippling alcoholism while writing screenplays to support his daughter and institutionalized wife. Grahams star, however, was rising, to the point where she became Hollywoods highest-paid, best-read gossip columnist. But if Fitzgerald had lived out his crack-up in public, Graham kept her demons secret--such as that she believed herself to be a fascinating fake who pulled the wool over Hollywoods eyes.
    Most poignantly, she keenly felt her lack of education, and Fitzgerald rose to the occasion. He became her passionate tutor, guiding her through a curriculum of his own design: a college of one. Graham loved him the more for it, writing the book as a tribute. As she explained, An unusual mans ideas on what constituted an education had to be preserved. It is a new chapter to add to what is already known about an author who has been microscopically investigated in all the other areas of his life.
    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • "A witty and readable (and fetchingly illustrated and glossed) excursion through the history of handwriting." --The Wall Street JournalLet a self-confessed "penmanship nut" take you on a tour of the strange and beautiful world of handwriting.
    Since her Catholic school days learning the Palmer Method, Kitty Burns Florey has been in love with handwriting, and can't imagine a world where schools forego handwriting drills in favor of teaching something called keyboarding.
    In this "winsome mix of memoir and call to arms" (Chicago Tribune), Florey weaves together the evolution of writing implements and scripts, pen-collecting societies, the golden age of American penmanship, and the growth in popularity of handwriting analysis, and asks the question: Is writing by hand really no longer necessary in today's busy world?
    "Charmingly composed and handsomely presented," Script & Scribble traces the history of penmanship to the importance of writing by hand in an increasingly digital age (The Boston Globe).
    From the Trade Paperback edition.