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  • Du polar, de l'anglais, de super histoires... Ce sont les nouveaux Tip Tongue pour les petits ! Avec Yves Grevet qui entre dans la collection ! Florimond est très angoissé à l'idée d'aller passer une semaine à Oxford sans ses parents. Heureusement, durant le trajet en Eurostar, il fait la connaissance de Youri, qui va à Oxford comme lui, et qui est très impatient ! Youri est en effet persuadé que la chapelle de la célèbre université dissimule un trésor...
    Parce que l'anglais est aussi agréable à écouter, chaque roman numérique Tip Tongue est enrichi de sa version audio, page après page.

  • Mortimer is brought to the camp of General Li Hsi, the Chinese
    warlord, where he is reunited with a seriously injured Nasir. The
    professor was kidnapped in order to recover the archaeological proof
    of the general's imperial lineage, but also to repair the Red Wing, a
    formidable combat aircraft Olrik unwittingly delivered. While Blake
    moves heaven and earth to find him and protect Hong Kong, Mortimer
    escapes to go in search of the only thing that can save Nasir: a
    legendary pearl ...

  • World War Three is over. Basam Damdu has been defeated. England can breathe and begin the rebuilding process ... or so it thinks. In China, unfortunately, Mao's Communists keep bowling over Chiang Kai-shek's troops, and are threatening Hong Kong. And General Xi-Lee, a ruthless warlord, has dreams of becoming the new Qin Shi Huang - first Emperor of China. When a relic of that very emperor is discovered by an acquaintance of Mortimer, things take a turn for the worst ...

  • Several months after their adventures in Antarctica, Blake and Mortimer are back in England. Still somewhat shaken after his ordeal, the professor is ordered by his doctor to get some rest. In typical Mortimer fashion, he decides to spend his holidays in Africa... looking for a lost civilisation! Accompanied by Nastasia Wardynska and an old flame of his, he begins tracking down a culture that is older than any ever recorded?but someone is dogging their every step...

  • 1944. England is still locked in a struggle to the death with Nazi Germany. But already a new threat looms among the peaks of the Himalayas. For now, though, Squadron Leader Blake, having saved London from a German prototype, is assigned to a top secret mission, during which he meets with an old friend he hasn't seen since India: Philip Mortimer. Soon, the pair are introduced to an officer working for Allied Intelligence: Colonel Olrik...

  • Angleterre

    Né en 1921, fils d'un pasteur anglican, John Bradburne a longtemps cherché la voie qui était la sienne, ne la trouvant ni dans l'enseignement, ni dans l'armée, ni dans le mariage, bien qu'il y ait souvent pensé, ni dans les ordres, bien qu'il fait de nombreuses tentatives dans ce sens. En 1947 il devient catholique. Depuis 1956, disciple laïc de saint François, il entre en 1969, comme directeur et homme à tout faire, à la léproserie de Mtemwa,
    en Rhodésie du Sud, le futur Zimbabwe. En 1979, lors des conflits pour l'indépendance du pays, il est assassiné par un groupe de rebelles. Il laisse une oeuvre poétique immense, peut-être 200 000 vers.

  • 1919, Colonel Lawrence ? Lawrence of Arabia ? has an unpleasant meeting with an MI5 agent who confiscates his manuscript of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

  • The agents of the organisation that was hunting for XIII have finally captured him, along with his friends, but he's still refusing his captors' job offer. Forced to give in after they commit an appalling act just to coerce him, he's discreetly brought back to the USA, where he finally learns what they're really after. Meanwhile, Betty Barnowsky continues her own investigation under the FBI's very noses. For both of them, the road leads, once again, to Green Falls...

  • A relentless lone rider with strange powers is hunting a sadistic
    criminal and the powerful men that protect him and use him to start a
    devastating war in the United States. The first volume of a Western
    with supernatural overtones. Kansas, 1861. As tensions rise between
    the Northern and Southern states, a fanatical, violent preacher
    leaves a trail of corpses behind him, all the while calling people to
    take up arms against pro-slavery states. Close on his tail is a lone
    rider with a strange gift: he can read the past and future of those
    he touches. In the small town of Holton, a showdown is brewing, but
    things aren't as straightforward as they seem ...

  • Jason McLane, a.k.a. XIII, seems to have finally accepted his true
    destiny. Tired of fighting the powerful elite who control the world,
    he has apparently joined them. Of course, he supposedly did so on
    orders from General Wolf, so as to bring down the sinister Mayflower
    Foundation at last, but ... what if the temptation of power proved too
    strong? Janet Fitzsimmons, the Foundation's president, too beautiful?
    Or the price of integrity too steep for him ... or his friends?

  • In Venice, a boating accident leads to the discovery of a 400 year old text bearing the signature `W.S.' and promising the truth about the `Shakespeare mystery'. That very night, someone tries unsuccessfully to steal the precious document. The discoverer, Marquis Stefano Da Spiri, decides to send a copy of the document to a specialist of the Bard in London for stylistic authentication. As for the original, he entrusts it to an old comrade in arms from WW2: Captain Francis Blake...

  • Jason has managed to give his captors the slip, but he was forced to leave Betty behind, severely injured. After a short but tense episode dealing with the north-eastern mafia, he's off to the next step in his quest: Leiden, Holland, from where half of the Mayflower expedition left, and where his godfather appears to live. But his enemies haven't given up, and the young local guide he's picked brings her own heap of troubles...

  • Loin du lyrisme débridé qui imbibe une grande partie de la poésie colombienne des XIXe et XXe siècles, Omar Ortiz pratique un langage quotidien pour parler des petites gens, de leurs activités et des détails apparemment insignifiants de leurs vies, de leur ordinaire peuplé aussi de rêves, de tendresse, de beauté, de merveilleux, de fatalisme, de luttes pour la vie, d'indignations mais aussi souvent de désespoir...

  • Still with Annika, Jason McLane has the documents his godfather left for him to find in the Netherlands deciphered. Once translated, the text offers revelations of breathtaking importance - enough to change the geopolitical map for ever. But the killers sent by the Mayflower Foundation are still after them, while in Afghanistan, Jones and Carrington's situation goes from bad to worse. XIII will have to be on his best game to sort it all out - but at what price?

  • In France, you are now permitted to write a Master or PhD dissertation in English. This practical guide, based on long experience of teaching and accompanying foreign students aims to answer the main questions they ask: what exactly is expected when we talk about "Research"? According to what criteria are they going to be evaluated? How do you find relevant documents, choose a methodology, validate, write and, present a defense? What plan should I adopt? Which timetable should I follow to finish in time?

  • The main advantages of case research are that it can produce an in-depth analysis of phenomena in context, support the development of historical perspectives and guarantee high internal validity, which is to say that the observed phenomena are authentic representations of reality. In short, the case study is adaptable to both the context and the researcher.

  • XIII is hiding in France at the Préseaus, after a past more nebulous he even believed possible caught up to him again. But the organisation that's after him hasn't said its last word, and has considerable means at its disposal. It lures Jones, on duty in Afghanistan, into a terrible ambush, for the sole purpose of serving as bait for the amnesiac - who immediately rushes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Betty Barnowsky-Préseau is off to Maine to dig into XIII's past...

  •     The crisis has brought social issues back to the center of European debates: the European social model is once again a central stake. But what model are we talking about?
    The model that encourages and structures social dialogue, Europe ´s true trademark, which has an impact every day, this social dialogue that outlines an innovative, original, effective dialogue, which may be a real asset for globalization.

    The model that dominates over the very view of the company, which will have to be more human if it is to absorb all the blows it is taking.

    This collective book was written by practitioners in the field of social issues, HR managers, union members, researchers, European Commission members, or even people involved in social rating or training.

    This is a multi-author book written by Europeans, driven by their national traditions and who currently face similar challenges - the transfer of knowledge in a context of demographic ageing, the inevitable rise in youth unemployment as well as awareness as regards corporate social responsibility in the company´s ecosystem.

    It shows us that social Europe is buying built on a day-by-day basis, anticipating and shaping the accession of a new social pact, and that Europe is thus affirming its identity compared with the American or Chinese models.

  • Like public actions focusing on the landscape, research in this field has greatly increased in recent years in many countries. This trend gives rise to certain questions, both in relation to the connection between research and action and to the impact of policy on actual landscapes and the social groups they are home to. This book is a collection of the contributions of researchers who have analysed examples of landscape actions, primarily in Europe, on the basis of actual experiences. Its aim is to share these experiences and to examine the relationship between scientific knowledge and the need for action. It illustrates the diversity of situations and ideas found in Europe today and addresses the following issues: challenges facing landscape action, relationships between landscape and public space within the urban context, ideas underlying policy development and implementation and, finally, channels for public participation.
    This book is intended for stakeholders involved in the implementation of landscape policy, as well as for students, teachers and researchers interested in the transfer of research results for the benefit of landscape action.

    Martine Berlan-Darqué, a sociologist with INRA, was a social sciences advisor for the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development's research and planning division from 1989 to 2005.
    Yves Luginbühl is an agronomist and holds a PhD in geography. He is a CNRS research director in Paris. He has acted as an advisor to the French Ministry of the Environment on landscape policies.
    Daniel Terrasson is an agronomist. He was responsible for coordinating the Public Policies and Landscapes programme for the French Ministry of the Environment.

  • For more than a half-century, Mats Hillert has contributed greatly to the Science of Materials. He is widely known and respected as an innovator and educator, a scientist with an enormous breadth of interest and depth of insight. The difficult choice of twenty-four papers from a publication list of more than three hundred was carried out in consultation with him. He also suggested or approved names of those scientists who would be invited to write brief introductions to each of the papers.
    A brief reading of the topics of the selected papers and their introductions reveals something of their range and depth. Several early selections - including internal reports of the Swedish Institute for Metal Research, published here in their original shape - contained seminal material that established Mats Hillert as a leading figure in the study of phase transformations in solids. Others established his presence in the areas of solidification and computational thermodynamics.
    This volume represents a judicious sampling only of Mats Hillert's extensive body of work; it is necessarily incomplete, but it is hoped and expected that it will prove useful to students of Material Science and Engineering at all levels, and that it will inspire the further study and appreciation of his many contributions.

  • D'èsser francés, d'uèi, qué significa ? Quinas son la plaça, la vocacion e l'ambicion de França dins lo Mond d'uèi ? Quinas son las valors nòstras ? Quin es lo sistèma politic e institucional mai eficaç ? Quin Estat volèm per deman ? A cada question d'aquí, Ives Censi, pòrta de responsas e la sieuna part de vertat.
    Que signifie aujourd'hui être français ? Quelles sont aujourd'hui la place, la vocation et l'ambition de la France dans le monde ? Quelles sont nos valeurs ? Quel système politique et institutionnel est le plus efficace ? Quel Etat voulons-nous pour demain ? A toutes ces questions, Yves Censi apporte ici ses réponses et sa part de vérité.