Xavier Rolland

  • Des antibiotiques aux vaccins en passant par les additifs alimentaires, les découvertes microbiologiques ont, depuis le XIXe siècle, amélioré nos conditions de vie - notamment en les « pasteurisant » -, sans pour autant parvenir à atténuer notre peur des microbes. Pourtant, selon Xavier et Laurence Rolland, microbiologistes, nous continuerons à avoir tout à gagner à nous en faire des alliés.

  • Located in the Golden Triangle, and one of the most remote and closed-off areas of Myanmar, Wa Special Region 2, was and still is, closed to tourism and almost all visits of any kind. I was privileged to live and work there for three years as the manager of the Wa Alternative Development Project (WADP) implemented by UNODC. The main focus of the book will be to show the life of the people, including the Wa and the other ethnic groups living there. Topics such as poppy cultivation and the Wa Army are also covered. Particular attention is paid to critical time when opium cultivation was successfully banned in 2005 and how this affected the way of life of the people.