Robert Griffiths

  • The Arctic region is undergoing dramatic transformation. With the melting of ice, the circumpolar region is subject to increasing forces of globalization, and navigating through the Northwest and the Northeast passages is rapidly emerging as a practical and commercial position. How can science calculate and assess the scale of change in this geographic space ? To what extent are the Native populations listened to and act as active participants in decision-making concerning the Arctic ? What is the present state of Arctic governance ? What role can be played by the others countries ?

  • For over a century, teachers, parents, and school leaders have lamented a loss of `discipline' in classrooms. Caught between guidance approaches on the one hand and a call for zero tolerance on the other, current debates rarely venture beyond the terrain of implementation strategies. This book aims to reinvigorate thinking on `discipline' in education by challenging the notions, foundations, and paradigms that underpin its use in policy and practice. It confronts the understanding of `discipline' as purely repressive, and raises the possibility of enabling forms and conceptualizations of `discipline' that challenge tokenistic avenues for students' liberation and enhance students' capacity for agency. This book is an essential resource for university lecturers, pre-service and in-service teachers, policymakers, and educational administrators who want to re-think `discipline' in education in ways that move beyond a concern with managing disorder, to generate alternative understandings that can make a difference in students' lives.

  • Cet ouvrage détaille les spécificités du "vivre ensemble" canadien. Quels sont les fondations historiques et les repères politiques de la société canadienne ? Quels sont les chantiers et les controverses que le "modèle" défriche en matière d'autonomie et d'identité ? Ces contributions reviennent aussi sur les contradictions redoutables de la société canadienne et nous fait entrevoir les règles d'une canadian attitude.