Philippe Renard

  • Il fait nuit noire sur la prairie en fleurs. Le peuple indien se prépare au sommeil. Les hommes chantent les rêves, les femmes bercent les petits. Le Chef Voix-du-Fleuve est heureux : un enfant grandit dans le ventre de Terre-Bleue sa femme. Lorsqu'ils s'endorment sous leur tente, la paix règne sur la tribu et aucun des Indiens ne songe à la guerre. Pourtant...

  • This book presents selected papers from the EuroKarst 2018 conference, which highlighted the latest advances in the field of Karst Hydrogeology and Carbonate Reservoirs. The event attracted more than 180 participants. From among their contributions, the papers were selected and subsequently reviewed by the scientific committee to ensure the highest possible quality.

  • This book presents the latest advances in the field of karst hydrogeology and carbonate reservoirs. These include, but are not limited to: geomorphology of karst, flow and solute transport in karst; innovative metrology; modelling; speleogenesis and geology of carbonate reservoirs; deep reservoir exploration and production; water management and protection in karst environments; contaminant migration and chemical behavior; hydrochemistry and regional aquifer studies. EuroKarst offers a platform for professional exchanges between field practitioners and academic researchers. It is the European biennial conference on the hydrogeology of karst and carbonate reservoirs. It is organized every two years by the Universities of Neuchâtel (Switzerland), Besançon (France), and Malaga (Spain).