Littérature générale

  • Sainy, a young Gambian, arrives in Paris with high hopes for a better life. Confronted by a minefield of immigration restrictions with which he struggles vainly, he accepts an easy way in by marrying a Gambian-born divorcée and becoming the step-father of the woman's young son. As the months pass, Sainy learns new fact about Africans living in France and sees how their home-grown values of culture, community and morality adapt in their new culture, for better or worse.

  • A young Gambian immigrant explores the contrasting philosophies of his fellows in Paris with regard to the West: staunch Pan-Africanism versus hard pro-Western. This story demonstrates the triviality and pointlessness of the attitude of some African immigrants. A story that lifts the lid on the lives of Gambian immigrants in Paris - a world of tragedy, terror and futility, tempered by the voice of reason.