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  • After more than 50 years of independence, sustainable reconstruction in the form of effective African integration and development has not been in line with the aspiration of African people. This has been symbolised by the transformation of the Organisation of African Unity to the African Union in 2002. Will the new African Union be able to remedy this situation? What is the essence of African reparation in this modern age of diplomacy and globalisation?

  • Sainy, a young Gambian, arrives in Paris with high hopes for a better life. Confronted by a minefield of immigration restrictions with which he struggles vainly, he accepts an easy way in by marrying a Gambian-born divorcée and becoming the step-father of the woman's young son. As the months pass, Sainy learns new fact about Africans living in France and sees how their home-grown values of culture, community and morality adapt in their new culture, for better or worse.