• Florence Gordon est directe, brillante, acariâtre et passionnée. Maîtresse femme, elle est capable de réduire les imbéciles au silence d'une seule de ses piques acérées... Icône féministe aux yeux des filles, invisible aux yeux du reste du monde, à soixante-quinze ans, elle a mérité - enfin ! - de se délester du fardeau de la famille pour se consacrer à son oeuvre. Mais à peine a-t-elle entamé ses mémoires, si longtemps différés, que son fils Daniel revient s'installer à New York avec sa femme et sa fille. Florence se retrouve alors impliquée dans leurs mélodrames familiaux qui vont assombrir ses journées et menacer son rempart de solitude. Sans parler de son pied gauche, qui commence à la faire boiter...

  • Leonard Schiller is a novelist in his seventies, a second-string but respectable talent who produced only a small handful of books. Heather Wolfe is an attractive graduate student in her twenties. She read Schillers novels when she was growing up and they changed her life. When the ambitious Heather decides to write her masters thesis about Schillers work and sets out to meet him--convinced she can bring Schiller back into the literary worlds spotlight--the unexpected consequences of their meeting alter everything in Schillers ordered life. What follows is a quasi-romantic friendship and intellectual engagement that investigates the meaning of art, fame, and personal connection. "Nothing less than a triumph" (The New York Times Book Review), Starting Out in the Evening is Brian Mortons most widely acclaimed novel to date.

  • Anglais Breakable You

    Brian Morton

    Adam Weller is a moderately successful novelist, past his prime, but squiring around a much younger woman and still longing for greater fame and glory. His former wife, Eleanor, is unhappily playing the role of the overweight, discarded woman. Their daughter Maud has just begun a frankly sexual affair that unexpectedly becomes life-changing. Into each of these lives the past intrudes in a way that will test them to their core. With perfect pitch and a rare empathy, Brian Morton is equally adept at portraying the life of the mind and how it plays out in the world, brilliantly tracing the border between honor and violation. Here Morton tells his strongest story yet a story about love, friendship, literary treachery, and what each of us owes to the past.

  • Isaac and Nora haven't seen each other in five years, yet when Nora phones Isaac late one night, he knows who it is before she's spoken a word. Isaac, a photographer, is relinquishing his artistic career, while Nora, a writer, is seeking to rededicate herself to hers.
    Fueled by their rediscovered love, Nora is soon on fire with the best work she's ever done, until she realizes that the story she's writing has turned into a fictionalized portrait of Isaac, exposing his frailties and compromises and sure to be viewed by him as a betrayal. How do we remain faithful to our calling if it estranges us from the people we love? How do we remain in love after we have seen the very worst of our loved ones? These are some of the questions explored in a novel that critics are calling "an absolute pleasure" (The Seattle Times).

  • Prince Rogers Nelson released his first album in 1978. In the years that followed until his death in April 2016, he became a superstar, a recluse, an inspiration, an enigma, a slave and a symbol. He was a master of reinvention, but the one constant in his astonishing career was his genius: as a singer, a songwriter, a performer and a musician. He sold more than 100 million albums, won seven Grammys, a Golden Globe and an Oscar. His ability to fuse styles and genres made him one of the most unique, influential and beloved artists in music history. In Prince: A Thief in the Temple, acclaimed journalist and broadcaster Brian Morton reveals the highs and lows of a remarkable musical life.