Anglais Connected minds ; technology and today's learners

  • OECD 23 juillet 2012

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In all OECD countries, digital media and connectedness are integral to the lives of today's learners. It is often claimed that these learners are "new millennium learners", or "digital natives", who have different expectations about education. This book contributes to the debate about the effects of technology attachment and connectedness on today's learners, and their expectations about teaching. The book sets out to answer the following questions: Can the claim that today's students are "new millenium learners" or "digital natives be sustained empirically? Is there consistent research evidence demonstrating the effects of technology on cognitive development, social values, and learning expectations? What are the implications for educational policy and practice?

Rayons : Sciences & Techniques > Généralités sur la science > Faits de société / Actualité

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