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This book presents a comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art quantum dot photodetectors, including device fabrication technologies, optical engineering/manipulation strategies, and emerging photodetectors with building blocks of novel quantum dots (e.g. perovskite) as well as their hybrid structured (e.g. 0D/2D) materials. Semiconductor quantum dots have attracted much attention due to their unique quantum confinement effect, which allows for the facile tuning of optical properties that are promising for next-generation optoelectronic applications. Among these remarkable properties are large absorption coefficient, high photosensitivity, and tunable optical spectrum from ultraviolet/visible to infrared region, all of which are very attractive and favorable for photodetection applications. The book covers both fundamental and frontier research in order to stimulate readers' interests in developing novel ideas for semiconductor photodetectors at the center of future developments in materials science, nanofabrication technology and device commercialization. The book provides a knowledge sharing platform and can be used as a reference for researchers working in the fields of photonics, materials science, and nanodevices.

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    Zhiming M. Wang, Jiang Wu, Xin Tong

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