European corporate cultures challenged by a new world

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Talking about culture in France... Art, literature, theater and the like immediately come to mind, without really lingering over the fundamental role culture plays as a constituent element of the societal link. Schools, families and the army can only exist because their cultures define and underpin their organization. Businesses are no exception to this iron law, and a lot of failures took place because it was neglected.
Corporate culture isn't simply the story of a creation or of technological or commercial quests but a complex and dense collection of knowledge, behaviors and human relations whereby the company is able to exist, survive, move forward, and establish an intangible heritage of strategic importance.
Assessing the challenges of a new world, technological changes such as the digital revolution or sociological disruptions such as the rise of women in businesses, European HR Directors are trying to pinpoint the resources of corporate cultures and to extract, at a time of globalization, a common that can transcend national cultures. It is because Europe's culture - rich and plentiful - reflects on businesses that understanding it, however difficult it may be, is essential to bring about a generation of combative companies that can tackle global challenges, accept their societal responsibilities and enrich, in every way, the men and women that work in them.
Under the guidance of Yves Barou, entrepreneurs, administrators, strategists, philosophers, researchers, and teachers gathers to outline a subtle and constructive approach to corporate cultures.

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