Spellbound - Volume 1

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This first volume of the ongoing Spellbound series initiates us into Dufaux and Munuera's Medeival-style fantasy land, a land brimming with witchcraft, demons, enchantments and foul-play.
The whole of Middleland has been thrown into turmoil by the sudden and brutal murder of the king. The unfortunate victim's dying wish was that his daughter, Blanche, should take the throne, rather than her weak-spirited brother. Thus Blanche finds herself catapulted into a position of power that she never expected, or even wished for. The grief-stricken young woman is forced to renounce her lover, and on top of that, the enemy's army is assembled at the country's border, poising to strike. Blanche looks like she's off to a promising start as queen of the land, but unfortunately she's no match for the various plots to topple her... at least, not yet...

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    Jean Dufaux

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    Europe Comics

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    Hors Collection Dargaud

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    64 Pages

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    50 913 Ko

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    Média Diffusion

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Jean Dufaux

Jean Dufaux est né à Ninove en Belgique en 1949. Après des études à l'Institut des arts et diffusion de Bruxelles où il se familiarise avec les procédés cinématographiques qui influenceront son écriture en bande dessinée, il devient journaliste. Il débute dans la BD en 1983 dans le "Journal de Tintin". Aujourd'hui auteur de Jessica Blandy, Beatifica Blues, Fox, Giacomo C., Ombres, Rapaces, Djinn et Murena. Il réside actuellement en Belgique.