Anglais Cossacks - Volume 1 - The Winged Hussar

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The fierce Cossacks have long lived as a free people, but in the 17th
century, the king of Poland-Lithuania wants to end that freedom. A
young deserter from the hussars is caught in the nascent conflict.
The first volume of a great historical saga. 1634, Ukraine. Karlis, a
young Winged Hussar of Poland-Lithuania, sickened by the carnage of
war, deserts. To wash their honour, the men of his old unit hunt him
mercilessly, while two people secretly observe the pursuit. They are
Cossacks, from a people of freedom-loving warriors ... and it is with
them that Karlis will eventually find refuge. But if he left his
regiment, it's also because of the last orders he was given, which he
refused to follow: the king of Poland-Lithuania wants the Cossacks
disarmed ...

Rayons : Bandes dessinées / Comics / Mangas > Bandes dessinées

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    Vincent Brugeas, Ronan Toulhoat, Yoann Guillo

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