Biobased Adhesives


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Biobased Adhesives Unique and comprehensive book edited by acknowledged leaders on biobased adhesives that will replace petroleum-based adhesives. This book contains 23 chapters covering the various ramifications of biobased adhesives. The chapters are written by world-class scientists and technologists actively involved in the arena of biobased adhesives. The book is divided into three parts: Part 1: Fundamental Aspects; Part 2: Classes of Biobased Adhesives; and Part 3: Applications of Biobased Adhesives. Topics covered include: an introduction to biobased adhesives; adhesion theories and adhesion and surface issues with biobased adhesives; chemistry of adhesives; biorefinery products as biobased raw materials for adhesives; naturally aldehyde-based thermosetting resins; natural crosslinkers; curing and adhesive bond strength development in biobased adhesives; mimicking nature; bio-inspired adhesives; protein adhesives; carbohydrates as adhesives; natural polymer-based adhesives; epoxy adhesives from natural materials; biobased polyurethane adhesives; nanocellulose-modified adhesives; debondable, recyclable, and biodegradable biobased adhesives; 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural-based adhesives; adhesive precursors from tree-derived naval stores; and applications in various diverse arenas such as wood bonding, controlled drug delivery, and wearable bioelectronics. Audience This book will interest materials scientists, adhesionists, polymer chemists, marine biologists, food and agriculture scientists, and environmentalists. R&D personnel in a slew of wide-ranging industries such as aviation, shipbuilding, railway, automotive, packaging, construction, wood bonding, and composites should find this book a repository of current and much-needed information.

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    K. L. Mittal, Manfred Dunky

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