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From the acclaimed author of How to Be Lost comes a gorgeous new novel about love, memory, and motherhood.Nadine Morgan travels the world as a journalist, covering important events, following dangerous leads, and running from anything that might tie her down. Since an assignment in Cape Town ended in tragedy and regret, Nadine has not returned to South Africa, or opened her heartyes'>#8211;until she hears the story of Jason Irving. Jason, an American student, was beaten to death by angry local youths at the height of the apartheid era. Years later, his mother is told that Jasonyes'>#8217;s killers have applied for amnesty. Jasonyes'>#8217;s parents pack their bags and fly from Nantucket to Cape Town. Filled with rage, Jasonyes'>#8217;s mother resolves to fight the murderersyes'>#8217; pleas for forgiveness.As Nadine follows the Irvings to beautiful, ghostfilled South Africa, she is flooded with memories of a time when the pull toward adventure and intrigue left her with a broken heart. Haunted by guilt and a sense of remorse, and hoping to lose herself in her coverage of the murder trial, Nadine grows closer to Jasonyes'>#8217;s mother as well as to the mother of one of Jasonyes'>#8217;s killersyes'>#8211;with profound consequences. In a country both foreign and familiar, Nadine is forced to face longburied demons, come to terms with the missing pieces of her own family past, and learn what it means to truly love and to forgive.ith her dazzling prose and resonant themes, Amanda Eyre Ward has joined the ranks of such beloved American novelists as Anne Tyler and Ann Patchett. Gripping, darkly humorous, and luminous, Forgive Me is an unforgettable story of dreams and longing, betrayal and redemption.From the Hardcover edition.

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